Magicka: Wizard Wars Adds Map, Referrals And Daily Chest

Publisher Paradox Interactive has added some content to Magicka: Wizard Wars and changing some things in the multiplayer title. For starters, you’ll be able to enjoy a new map in the player versus player game.

Four against four battles can now take place on Displacement Ridge. It gets the name, because the new forest location is populated with teleport areas.

Moreover, players will now be able to find a Daily Treasure Chests reward model in the game. It works just like most login tricks, in where the chest gives you a chance to win more goodies for the free-to-play title.

Goods include in-game coins, some crystals that are used for buying new Magicks or even a random robe. That last part will, however, be pretty rare.

Finally, Magicka: Wizard Wars now also introduces referrals to recruit others to the game. In doing so, you’ll be able to gain more coins, as well as a series of special robes.

Magicka: Wizard Wars continues the quirky friendly fire model the franchise is built upon. Its combat is designed around combining spells from several different elements, which can have erratic outcomes.

Depending on the combination, spells can turn out much different than anticipated, which can become deadly quite quickly. Since the inception of the series, this has lead to much humorous unintentional team killing.

You can find Magicka: Wizard Wars on Steam through Early Access. There are some starter packs included, if you’d like to support the free game. These include more currency, robes and even weapons.

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