Magicka: Wizard Wars Brings Competitive Spellcrafting Battles

Paradox Interactive announced Magicka: Wizard Wars today, a multiplayer title based on their popular Magicka franchise.

Wizard Wars is said to be a player-versus-player, fast paced, action title; that will also include Magicka’s spellcasting system, along with some new game mechanics that will focus on competitive play.

According to a press release, two teams of maximum four players each will go against each other, each adapting their “tactics on the fly in response to their opponents.”

“Magicka has always allowed for some unique gameplay and, with Wizard Wars, we’ve really captured the true experience of PvP wizardry,” said executive VP John Hargelid in a statement.

Magicka: Wizard Wars is being developed by a new studio called Paradox North and a release date is yet unknown.

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