Magicka Moose and Secrets Locations Guide

Thanks to its co-op functionalities, Magicka is filled with numerous collectibles for players and their friends to search for. These hidden Magicka collectibles and secrets are not always easy to find or tackle but our Magicka Moose and Secrets Locations guide will help you find these collectibles and collect them.

If you are into achievements, you can refer to the following Magicka Moose and Magicka Secrets Guide.

Magicka Moose and Secrets Locations

Magicka is an action/adventure game set in a Norse mythology-oriented fantasy world. You and up to three other players take on the roles of wizards of a sacred order with the ultimate goal of stopping the evil dark sorcerer that has thrown the world into turmoil as his evil creations besiege the forces of good.

By combining elements to cast spells you will wreak havoc and devastation among the lackeys of darkness. Team up with your friends and choose your way through the various levels of the campaign, or test your skill with magickal abilities in other challenging game modes.

Chapter 1 Secrets

Moose #1: While leaving the castle, next to a man on the road.

Secret #1: Behind the door when you exit the castle. You will find the staff of the White Wizard there.

Secret #2: The area where you get Grease Magick by crossing the lake.

Secret #3: Small area to the west through the wheat field behind the lady with exclamation mark.

Chapter 2

Moose #2: You can find this Magicka moose location near the pile of bones after the goblin shaman fight.

Secret #4: Once you freeze the river and go North after defeating the Goblin Hood, go to the area where you get Sword of the Masters.

Secret #5: Refrigerator troll cave, where a troll comes just before the boss.

Chapter 3

Moose #3: You will get it on the path to the right side of the stonehenge next to the field.

Secret #5: Inside Havindr after the bridge. When you first encounter with Orc Scout, go up to find this Magicka secret.

Chapter 4

Moose #4: Once you reach the gates to the city take a left, ignore the camera – keep moving towards the left and you will come across it.

Chapter 5

Moose #5: At end of the straight road in the field, you will find this Magicka Moose location.

Chapter 6

Moose #6: Take left just after the second checkpoint to the north of the large statue.

Chapter 7 Moose

Moose #7: Outside the castle of Aldrheim, go directly below to get the Teleport Magick.

Chapter 8 Collectibles

Moose #7: The last room in the mines prior to the wizard goblin boss, you can find the moose west of your entrance into the room.

Secret #6: After the horizontal bridge battle, there is a T-junction with north path that proceeds the level and south path that leads to the secret area.

Secret #7: The far east of first part area of the mine cave, the bridge with explosive barrels lead to Staff of Fire. Teleport over or use the bridge if you didn’t set off the explosives.

Secret #8: The lower west of dark area where you will find the weapon Stung.

Secret #9: The top ledge where you get Staff of Invisibility, close to the manual checkpoint.

Chapter 9

Moose #8: On the mantle of the fireplace before the fight with the Count, you will find this moose.

Secret #9: The left side of the tomb outside the abandoned church where you find Sceptre of the Troll King.

Chapter 10

Moose #9: The beginning of Chapter 10, in the plane with all the Elementals. It’s in the far right corner, straight down from the bridge that leads to the next screen.

Chapter 11 Secrets

Moose #10: In the castle, north east of the main entrance. A Yeti will be eating the corpse.

Secret #10: Starting area, the southeast ledge that leads to Invisibility Magick.

Secret #11: The northwest of second area in the cathedral, where you open a room with the flame element that leads to Summon Elemental Magick.

Secret #12: In the long hallway before the lava area using lightning on the cog at the wall near the grid door will unlock it.
Note: You will lose your current weapon upon obtaining the Holy Divider unless you die before the next manual checkpoint.

Chapter 12

Moose #11: Once Assatur has been defeated, and the credits scroll, the last moose will eventually drop down onto your plateau.

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