Magicka Guide to Magicks

How magic works in Magicka including combinations, effects and locations.

There are 21 different Magick Combinations that you can find in the vanilla game.

Magick are powerful spells that you earn/find while playing Magicka story levels and can summon at any time.

They are a set of devastating spells that you can use against your enemies or for your allies and can be performed by pressing the skill keys in a set order.

Magicka Guide to Magicks

ReviveLife + LightningRevives Human PlayersYou will get it at the end of tutorial.
GreaseWater + Earth + LifeCover the area with Grease. Now if you cast fire, it will burn longer.Chapter 1: You will find it across the lake, shortly after hearing someone scream. Freeze the lake to get across.
HasteLightning + Arcane + FireIncreases movement speed.Chapter 1: Required to complete the tutorial. You will find it on a bookshelf.
RainWater + SteamWets all units – except for those with the shield.Chapter 2: In the first cave you come across that is guarded by goblins
NullifyArcane + ShieldRemoves status effects from the caster.Chapter 2: Beside the altar where you fight goblin shaman.
ThunderBoltSteam + Lightning + Arcane + LightningLightning bolt that causes heavy damage.Chapter 3: In a henge.
TornadoEarth + Steam + Water + SteamSummons a large tornado.Chapter 4: Before entering the city on the left of the main path in the trees by a shipwrecked boat.
ConflagrationSteam + Fire + Steam + Fire + SteamHeat Wave that causes 600 damage and sets on fire.Chapter 4: Inside a burning building you are forced to detour through.
Time WarpCold + ShieldSlows TimeChapter 5: To the West after leaving the camp.
BlizzardCold + Ice + ColdSummons a Blizzard.Chapter 6: At the beginning of the chapter, go east to the small lake. Use cold to get across the water.
TeleportLightning + Arcane + LightningTeleports you to a short distance.Chapter 7: On the broken walkway, after being transported by Vlad.
ThunderstormSteam + Steam + Lightning + Arcane + LightningThunderbolt with 900% increased damage.Chapter 8: Just before the mines, after the first stone bridge where you talk to Vlad, its in the cave hidden from the view.
FearCold + Arcane + ShieldCast Fear in enemies and they will go crazy running in random directions but just for 3 sec.Chapter 9: You will find it in the first room of the Count’s castle on the left sitting on a bookshelf.
CharmLife + Shield + EarthThe target becomes your ally temporarily.Chapter 9: You will find it in the first room of the Count’s castle on the right leaning on the wooden furniture next to the couches.
Raise DeadIce + Earth + Arcane + ColdSummons undead ghouls to fight for the caster.Chapter 9: After defeating the necromancers in the church.
Summon DeadArcane + Cold + Ice + Cold + ArcaneSummons Death which will take away player with minimum health.Chapter 10: You will get it when you defeat Death.
InvisibilityArcane + Shield + Steam + ArcaneMakes you invisible. Invisibility ends if you case any spell, take damage or collide with an enemy.Chapter 11: In the first area, head south along the cliff to the east instead of entering the fortress.
Summon ElementalArcane + Shield + Earth + Steam + ArcaneSummons an inactive elemental. To activate the elemental, simply attack it with any element.Chapter 11: After defeating the small detachment of dwarves in the second room of the cathedral, go northwest over the narrow bridge. Open the door, and the book will be on a pedestal.
CorporealizeArcane + Steam + Lightning + Shield + ArcaneCauses any ethereal daemons to materialize and become Corporeal.Chapter 11: You will get it when you defeat Fafnir.
VortexIce + Arcane + Ice + Shield + IceSummons a large Vortex that sucks anyone near.Chapter 12: You will get it after defeating the final boss.

Magicks can cause devastating damage but use them cautiously, it works in both ways. For more on Magicka, Check our Magicka Guide.

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