Magic The Gathering 2012 Crashes and Fixes

Magic The Gathering 2012 is buggy and when I say it’s buggy, I mean it’s very buggy. If you are one of those who had to go through the buggy multiplayer just to play a single game with your friends or one of those who are still trying to figure out how to start the game, you should refer to the Magic The Gathering 2012 Crashes and Fixes below.

Magic The Gathering 2012 Crashes and Fixes

1# Crashes on leaderboard
If the game crashes when viewing the Single Player leader-board (which is what it defaults to on entry). Switching to one of the other leaderboard as fast as possible (or Not viewing them at all) will at least not make the game crash.

2# Game Freezes With Only Background Visible
Refer to #16, it may have something to do with resolution and advanced settings you are trying to run the game on.

3# Magic 2012 Error When Using ALT-Tab
The game gives error from time to time when you ALT-TAB out of the game. Wait for the next patch which will fix this bug. Check the bugs-list at the end of the article for details on the upcoming patch.

4# Magic The Gathering 2012 Stuck at Saving

5# Game Won’t Start
If you can’t start Magic 2012 like you start the game but nothing happens. Verify the integrity of the game cache through Steam, update your video card drivers, and install latest DirectX.

Or go into the game directory and start the game from its executable, it will let you know what the problem is. Most probably it might be a missing DLL file, you may need a reinstall.

6# Can’t Connect Multiplayer
Magic The Gathering: Duels of PlanesWalkers 2012′ multiplayer is plagued with bugs and connection issues. There are two things you can try though. First is disable your antivirus/firewall. Second is forward these ports, UDP only.

27000-27040 UDP

7# Low FPS Sudden Performance Drop
After playing few hours of Magic 2012 you may notice a sudden performance drop. I am not sure but this may be caused by a memory leak so just restart your system and everything will be fine.

8# Can’t Change Settings ?
Well, you can’t change settings while in windowed mode. You need to turn on the fullscreen mode, change whatever settings you want, and switch back to windowed mode after this. If you will change any setting like Shadows in windowed mode, they will revert back.

9# Game Crashes After Cinematic, Intro Movie Crash
Game crashes after cinematic ? an old issue with games. Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Disable steamcloud for Magic 2012. Rightclick the game in the steam library list, choose properties, choose updates tab, uncheck enable steamcloud sync.
  • Delete local profile for Magic 2012 – located in the steam folder under “steam -> userdata -> my user ID # -> 49470”. 49470 is the appID of Magic 2012 in steam, back up this folder somewhere on your hard drive and then delete it from this location.
  • Restart steam.
  • Start the game and see if it crashes again where it originally crashed.
  • Exit the game.
  • Re-enable steamcloud support. Re-check the box from step 1.
  • Overwrite cloud profile – when prompted, upload the local good profile overwriting the corrupt profile in the cloud.

Note. If profile becomes corrupt game will crash after intro movie on every launch. Persists across multiple PCs/steam installs due to steamcloud. Disable cloud support, kill profile, generate new clean one, overwrite cloud.

10# Magic 2012 Freezes and Stutters
For now several people have reported this happens when they have Vertical Sync on. So try playing the game with V-Sync disabled.

11# Text Chat ?
Press ‘T’ to chat with your buddies in Magic: The Gathering Duels of PlanesWalkers 2012.

12# Game Doesn’t LaunchThe game is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time‘.
We have come across this error before, haven’t we ? Logout of Steam and log back in. Verify the integrity and try again. Install the DirectX Setup that’s inside the game directory and run the game. Turn off your antivirus and firewall and try.

13# Magic 2012 Random Crashes
Most of the crashes that you might come across in this game are associated with the a missing file that doesn’t get validated through Steam. Verify the integrity of the game cache through Steam and try again.

14# Error During Start Up Error code 51
Make sure you have Magic 2012 added into the exceptions list of your antivirus. Or disable your security program before playing the game, unable it later.

15# Fatal Error upon start Magic 2012
Unplug any USB drive connected to your PC, it can be a second monitor.

16# Magic 2012 Doesn’t Start, Out of Range, Black Screen
Try editing your config.cfg file, located in the magic directory and set your refresh rate to 30 and resolution to your native desktop resolution. Try again.

17# Magic 2012 ATI Deck Editor Fix
If you are experiencing following problems:

  • SMOOTHVISION HD Anti-Aliasing turned ON with filters
  • SMOOTHVISION HD Anisotropic Filtering ON
  • Disabled Catalist A.I

Set SMOOTHVISION HD:Anti-Alising on “Use application settings” to resolve these issues. If it still doesn’t resolve the issue, Set
SMOOTHVISION HD Anisotropic Filterin on “Use application settings”.
You can check this Screenshot for the settings.

18# Magic 2012 Frequency Not Supported
Check #16, you need to change the resolution at which the game runs.

General Issues

Windows XP Users
Please ensure that you have installed Service Pack 3. Per the system requirements for this game, Service Pack 3 is required to play in Windows XP. You can obtain Service Pack 3, as well as other critical updates for Windows, from Microsoft’s Windows Update page.

Registering the Nissa Revane promotion code
To receive your promotional content for this game, please do the following:

  • Log in to Steam
  • Navigate to your Library list
  • Right-click the game and select “Manage game account”

From this new page you can get the promotion code, which can then be redeemed at a participating store.

Viewing Downloadable Content and Expansions
To view the additional content for this game that is registered to your account, please do the following:

  • Log in to Steam
  • Navigate to the Library list
  • Right-click on the game.
  • Select “View Downloadable Content”
  • You will see a listing for any Expansion(s) you have purchased.

Note. Give some time to the developers as they are working on this many issues now, expect a patch soon to fix all that.

If you face any other issue, let me know in comments, and I will try to help you out. If you know a better solution than the community suggested workarounds; don’t hold back, share with us in comments.

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