Magic 2014: Duels of Planeswalkers Challenges Guide – Basic and Advanced

Challenges in Magic 14 is a special kind of game mode in which you are placed in seemingly impossible situations with predefined cards and must use the absolute correct series of moves in order to beat your opponent.

Situations are usually quite grim, and there is always only one solution that you must figure out. An example might be what you’re playing a round with only one life remaining and the opponent has three cards that can block you from assaulting him. Any wrong move will allow the enemy to take you down.

As such, we’ve decided to compile a guide on the correct move list for each of the challenges in DotP, to help you out if you meet a challenge you need a little help with.

Magic 2014 Challenges

There are basic and advanced challenges you need to complete to get the achievement/trophy.

Magic 2014: Duels of Planeswalkers Basic Challenges

Challenge #1: Command The Dead
You’ll start this with one health, an Unnatural Predation in hand, and a Grave Titan on the field along with some other units. Use the Unnatural Predation on the Grave Titan and attack with everything you have.

Challenge #2: Gird For War
You start with low health, four Silvercoat Lions on the field, and a number of useful equipment cards in hand. What you need to do is apply Golem-Skin Gauntlets, O-Naginata and Trusty Machete to any one of your Lions (in that order).

O-Naginata can only be applied to a unit with at least 3 or more power (which your Lions lack). Therefore, you need to apply either GSG or TM to it first.
Attack with all to win.

Challenge #3: Battle Tactics
In this Challenge you have three units capable of attacking, but the enemy is ready to block two of them. You also happen to have a Might of Oaks in your hand. Attack with all, and when the opponent blocks, immediately apply Might of Oaks to the one they don’t stop.

Challenge #4: Blood is Life
In this match, you’re about to be attacked at very low health so be prepared to block immediately. After you survive the assault, swing with Gloomhunter for the win.

Challenge #5: Defeat the Troll
Here you need to finish off the enemy, but a Cudgel Troll stands in the way. If you look at your hand, you’ll find a Doom Blade that you can use to get rid of him. Do so and swing for the win.

Magic 2014: Duels of Planeswalkers Advanced Challenges

Challenge #1: Sliver Strike Team
In this challenge we once again need to find a way to deal damage to the enemy through three blockers. To go this, you must apply the Bonescythe Sliver and Predatory Sliver in your hand to the battlefield and swing. The opponent will be incapable of absorbing all the damage you bring out and fall over.

Challenge #2: Go Berserk
Hardly a challenge. Let the enemy do his thing, then when it’s your turn attack with Dungrove Elder. Heavy Hitter Achievement: Deal over 200 damage to an enemy. This is only possible in this challenge.

Drop a forest land, as well as Quirion Ranger, Mossbridge Troll, and Khalni Hydra. Now apply Instill Energy on the troll you just played. The Troll is your key to getting this achievement, since he gets +20/+20 for every 10/10 friendly creature you tap using its ability.

Tap the Dungrove Elder this way to make the troll 25/25, Primalcrux to make him 45/45 and Drove of Elves to make him 65/65. Now use Quirion Ranger’s ability to return a tapped Forest to hand and untap Drove of Elves (or any 10/10), tap it again to make the troll 85/85 now. Go ahead and move to combat phase.

Now the enemy will use their traps to tap a lot of your people. Once they have tapped their final artifact, pause the turn and untap your troll using the card on it.

Now use its ability to tap enough of your creatures to get the last +20/+20 for it to make it 105/105 (you can tap two creatures that total 10/10). Now apply Berserk on your troll before combat (can only do it before combat step starts) which will double its power and nuke the enemy.

Challenge #3: Near Death
Here in this challenge you have low health and are abount to get crushed by the enemy. Use Basandra’s last ability to give her +1/+0, then block the Primordial Hydra with her. Now block two more guys with your other creatures. Due to lifelink you’ll end up with exactly 1 life after combat, and because of this your enchantment makes you win at your upkeep.

Challenge #4: Get a Grip
For this challenge, apply Stave Off on the Vulshock Refugee and protect him from the color white. Now cast Pyroclasm and swing with Vulshok for the win.

Challenge #5: Sliver Infiltration
Send both Virulent Slivers onto the field and Crib Swap Darksteel Gargoyle. Now Brainstorm, putting any cards but Protean Hulk on top of library. Quicksilver Amulet, then Culling Dias the Protean Hulk.

Put out Predator Dragon, don’t put out any of the artifact creatures when it asks you, and finally devour the 2 green slivers you cast earlier. Then simply swing with your 8/8 and 6/6 both of which can’t be blocked.

Found something missing? Comment and we will add it in the guide.

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