Mafia 3: Hanger 13 Talks Side Missions and Districts

Hangar 13 is currently busy making sure Mafia III is a game that’ll blow us away when it comes out next year. We already know plenty of details about its plot and lead characters, we know how it will redefine the term “Mafia,” but details were scarce regarding side missions and different areas of the game.

Thankfully, Hanger 13 has spoken and shared some new details on this very topic. According to Director Haden Blackman, there are a lot of commonalities across all districts.

Obviously, there are a lot of commonalities across all of them, you’ll be doing a lot of driving and gunplay in these areas because those are two of our cores mechanics, but every district has its own criminal ecology. That area we took over in the demo is unique to the French Ward, all of the rackets associated with it are found through exploring the French Ward.

Your choices and how you handle each district will have an impact on that particular area and people who live there. Destructing and constructing are two key elements of the story and side content of the game.

Players will spend plenty of time in each district, “dismantling and then rebuilding it.” In a way, Lincoln will reclaim a district for himself once he rebuilds it.

Speaking about open-world activities, Blackman said that these activities span across the entirety of the city:

We also have open-world activities that span the entirety of the city. If you go down to the Bayou, you might go down there to do weed runs and pick up pot that has been dropped into the Bayou by smugglers, that you can then bring back by boat to warehouses run by Cassandra. We also have races all over the game. We actually have a road network that goes throughout the swamps too. Some are with Burke who is an Irish guy and you do stuff for him and that can take you all over the city.

Each district will have its own view of our lead character, some may not give Lincoln a warm welcome due to his race and color, others will have open arms.

Mafia III releases in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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