Mafia DE Omerta Walkthrough

In this Mafia DE Omerta walkthrough, we will guide you through the whole chapter and let you fulfill the conditions of Omerta in Mafia Definitive Edition. So, let’s get into it.

Mafia DE Omerta

The chapter starts off with a cut-scene in which Don Salieri tells Tommy that there is a mole and that mole is frank.

After the cut-scene, you will be given your first task. You have to talk to Vincenzo, and he will give you a car and a gun. Just follow the map to find Vincenzo.

Meeting up with Biff
After talking to Vincenzo, get in the car and drive towards the Biff’s Pawn Shop. Follow the directions on the map to get to the shop.

Biff will give you some vital information about your investigation and will guide you towards Little Tony.

Find Little Tony with the help of the map. He will be inside a bar. He will tell you about a safe house in which Feds are keeping Frank.


After that, you have to drive towards the safe house. Once you have reached the safe house, a cut-scene will appear, and after that, you have to tail Frank and his escorts.

Maintain distance from the car.

Hitching a Ride with the Feds
The Feds will take Frank to the airport to send him out of the country. Park your car in the hidden location and find out where Frank is being taken

Don’t go inside the airport from the front gate. Go around the airport to sneak inside and avoid confronting any guards or Feds.

You may have to fight with a few of them.

Avoid gunfight at all costs unless it’s necessary. Follow Frank to the Hangar 5.

Once you reach the door of the Hangar 5, a cut-scene will appear in which Frank will explain his situation to you.

Compassion isn’t Dead
Tommy will let Frank and his family escape after hearing Frank’s explanation, but Frank will tell about the account books before escaping.

After the cut-scene, go to the bank to retrieve the account books. Books will be inside a safety deposit that will be in the basement.

The clerk will take you to the deposit boxes, and after that, the final cut-scene will appear that will conclude this chapter.

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