Mafia 4 Rumored To Follow Don Salieri’s Rise To Power

The highly rumored Mafia 4 will possibly revolve around a familiar character from the original trilogy of games.

In the latest XboxEra Podcast episode earlier today, XboxEra co-founder and co-host Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker agreed with a recent report that Mafia 4 is currently in development as a prequel to the original trilogy.

He added that the unannounced game will take place in Sicily, Italy, during the 1900s and be more linear compared to Mafia 3. That means Mafia 4 will feature a mission structure similar to the first two games in the trilogy than the concluding game which was heavily criticized for its repetitive gameplay.

Furthermore, as a prequel, Mafia 4 will lead into the events of the trilogy by focusing on a young Ennio Salieri as he and his family rise into power. You will be recruited as one of his loyal gang members and set forth to help the Salieri family take control of the city.

Don Ennio Salieri made his appearance in the first Mafia game. He was the one who enlisted Tommy Angelo, the player-controlled central character, before being sentenced to life in prison. Salieri ultimately had his revenge in the end by putting out a successful hit on Tommy in Mafia 2 for his testimony.

Mafia 4 is reportedly being helmed by developer Hangar 13 at its United Kingdom studio in Brighton. Project Nero, as it is internally codenamed, is being powered by Unreal Engine 5 and not the Mafia Engine that was used for the recent Mafia remasters.

It is, however, too soon to be expecting any sort of reveal let alone a release. Mafia 4 is said to be in the early stages of development and will probably not see the light of day for another couple of years.

Whether an announcement can be expected remains to be seen. It could be that publisher 2K Games waits until development has reached a significant milestone before making it official. However, with all of these rumors and reports surfacing, 2K Games might consider announcing Mafia 4 right now rather than later.

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