Mafia 4 Leak Notes Heavy Character And Vehicle Customizations

Mafia 4 will give players a lot of free hand to customize their characters, vehicles and several other elements tied to the gameplay systems. The last installment fell pretty short in such regard, having to wait for a post-release update to bring about customizations that should have been their from the start. Mafia 4, strongly rumored to be in the works, will make amends by not only featuring heavy customizations, but also featuring them at launch.

Posting on Reddit earlier today, an anonymous user claiming to have an insider at Hangar 13 leaked some of the ways players will be able to customize in Mafia 4.

Vehicles have been “massively overhauled” to resemble the ones from Grand Theft Auto and Forza, suggesting that players will be able to do plenty of performance upgrades and facelifts. Resembling notable simulation franchises also means that vehicles will handle much better and smoother in Mafia 4.

The upcoming fourth installment will allow players to own business as they move up the ladder to build a criminal empire. These businesses can be customized and themed in a number of ways. In addition, players will need to recruit staffers to run these business. Mafia 4 apparently has different classes of employees, each specializing in a different sector. Hence, players will be able to further customize their businesses by choosing from accountants, bartenders, musicians, and such.

Furthermore, Mafia 4 will give players a massive lineup of clothing options to choose from. These will include suits, casual attire, and mix-and-match. The clothing will matter because wearing something ridiculous will cause NPCs to laugh. Also, haircuts are returning to Mafia 4 and there will be plenty of styles to choose from again.

In the past several months, numerous sightings and reports have surfaced online to state that Mafia 4 is in the works. Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Games, registered several trademarks in relation to the franchise back in August. One of them was highly speculated to be for Mafia 4 while the other was surely for a remastered Mafia 2 — another rumor that has been floating about.


Hangar 13 went underground soon after Mafia 3 was released in 2016. Its debut title was marred for repetitive gameplay and a slew of technical issues. Hangar 13 was then hit with massive layoffs, around a year before reports started surfacing that the developer had started work on a new project. That new project is supposed to be Mafia 4 for what looks to be next-generation platforms.

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