Mafia 3 Repent Magazines Locations Guide

Mafia 3 Repent Magazines Locations guide to help you find all Repent Magazines scattered across different districts in this game.

Mafia 3 collectibles are easy to find as they are scattered throughout the map on different locations. The easiest of ways to grab what you want to hack into junction boxes that would reveal every collectible in the vicinity.

However, hacking into all of the junction boxes takes time so those who would like to get things done quickly, we have all the locations you need to visit. One of the collectibles we have are Mafia 3 Repent Magazines.

There is a handful of Mafia 3 Repent Magazines across different locations in the game. Rest assured it won’t take long to grab all of them.

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Mafia 3 Repent Magazines Locations

Repent Magazine #1
Southdowns – Go to Willcocks Sports and Cocktails to find the magazine on the first floor. It is placed on the counter in the middle of the bar.

Repent Magazine #2
French Ward – Go to the cemetery and head towards the central mausoleum. The magazine on the edge of a short wall nearby.

Repent Magazine #3
French Ward – There is motel within the French Ward that is hiding the magazine. However, it isn’t easy to find but head towards the second floor and you will see in placed on a desk.

Repent Magazine #4
Frisco Fields – The magazine is inside “Bellaire’s Grocery Store.” You can choose to access this area during Southern Union Racket Missions. You can find the magazine on the second floor on an office desk.

Repent Magazine #5
Downtown – When you speak with Donovan during the “Compromised Corruption” while sitting on the bench, he hands it to you during the cutscene. However, be sure to pick it up once the cutscene is over.

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