Mafia 3 Police Guide – How to Escape, Understanding Police Awareness, Witnesses

Police in Mafia 3 comes with an indicator that appears in the middle of the screen every time Clay is around them. Within the range of the Police Indicator, cops will take action if you commit crimes, act suspiciously, or break traffic laws.

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Mafia 3 Police

Cops are not the only one who’ll take action. People around you will report to the police if you commit any crimes. These people are called Witnesses and as they run to report you a marker will appear on their heads. You can go ahead and stop them from reporting to the police.

The Witnesses

Witnesses have a telephone icon on their heads. They make their way to the nearest phone and report to the police. Once they report to the police the cops will be there in a couple of minutes. Witnesses will report you for the following:

  • Attacking an enemy
  • Hit and Run (car or otherwise)
  • Using explosives to blow up cars etc.
  • Carjacking
  • Carjacking a Police Vehicle
  • Firing a gun a number of times
  • Killing a cop
  • Seen in public with a weapon
  • Aiming a gun at a civilian for a certain amount of time
  • Killing a civilian

Mafia 3 Police Warnings

If a crime is reported a blue zone will appear on the map. The blue area represents the section of the map being searched by the Police.  In order to avoid police detection, head to the nearest edge of the blue zone and exit. However, if you are detection by the police, the blue zone will turn red.

The red zone is a kill first ask questions later zone so cops will start shooting at you as soon as they see you. The following turns a blue zone to red.

  • Carrying a body
  • Using explosives
  • Violently Interrogating the enemy
  • Attacking an enemy
  • Aiming a gun at the civilian
  • Killing
  • Punching someone a few times
  • Killing a cop
  • Shooting your gun in public
  • Driving on the sidewalk
  • Hitting a few cars quickly, cop cars included
  • Carrying a weapon in public
  • Shooting at a car
  • Carjacking
  • Carjacking police vehicle
  • Hitting people with car
  • Stealing a car
  • Stealing a police car
  • Shooting someone
  • Using a Grenade or Molotov

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