Mafia 3 Open-World Will Change Based on In-Game Actions

The more we learn about the upcoming Mafia 3, the more excited we get! One of the major things that modern open-world games fail to deliver is a dynamic open-world that changes in accordance to action undertaken by players.

Open-world in games like The Division, Assassin’s Creed, and even Grand Theft Auto V has always been static and does not change. As it turns out, it will not be the case in the upcoming Mafia 3.

It appears like players will be able to change the Mafia 3 open-world albeit a little slightly. There have been games that have tried it in the past. For instance, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allows players to purchase properties and claim territories which leads to less enemies in those areas.

In Mafia 3, players will be able to mess around with the organized crime syndicate in multiple ways which will not only alter their relationship with some of the key characters in the game, but also change choices available to them outside in the open-world.

After progressing a little through the game, players will be able to control various regions of Mafia 3 open-world and portion them out among the game’s 3 underbosses. This will essentially allow players to acquire benefits from one of the underbosses and sort of enmity with the other two.

During the game’s E3 2016 gameplay demonstration, we saw a dispute among the three underbosses which infuriated one of them so much that he left the meet-up, went rogue, and became an enemy boss in the game. Speaking of this, the game director Haden Blackman said that the whole idea behind it is to keep players torn between greed and loyalty:

The goal was to have the player torn between greed and loyalty. My joke is they won’t all go rent a house on the beach together, but they will all go to a place of mutual respect.

Given the choices and decision made by players, they can be left with only one underboss at the end of the game or all three. However, do note that this will not let players constantly play around with the choices at their disposal in an endless way, but it surely creates a dynamic element that forces players to ponder upon their decisions before making them.

Mafia 3 is scheduled to release on Oct. 07, 2016 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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