Mafia 3 New Bordeaux City’s Characteristics, Exploration, Unlocking and More

We know that Mafia 3 New Bordeaux city is basically inspired by the New Orleans of 1960’s, they have previously discussed why they made the choice of doing so, but this time we are talking about the special characteristics of this city as well as exploration value it is going to provide.

Mafia 3 New Bordeaux City is A Character In Itself!

New Bordeaux in the latest Mafia game essentially has “all of the best parts” of the mafia ridden New Orleans from 1968, It has a bayou on the southern side, there is also a swamp area on the outskirts where you might even get killed by scarily realistic looking alligators.

The docking district is going to be responsible for all the shipments where you can goo if you survive amidst the alligators and all in the first few minutes, and maybe check out the extra trade happening.

In total there are nine unique districts in the Mafia 3 New Bordeaux city each with its own pair of criminal gangs and their individual criminal oncology, that later part was previously known though.

You are also bound to come across a very contrasting life in the city. There are very poor areas like the one where our protagonist was born and raised and then there also are rich and iconic regions with fluorescent lights making everything glow complete with their own jazz bars.

All this would definitely want you to go exploring everything there is to see and catch in New Bordeaux, and you will be able to whenever you want. Just get ready to be surprised because the city it really not what we thought it was.

It is all sort of always there although specific segments of the storyline of the game are going to link you with certain parts of Mafia 3 New Bordeaux and that is when you will truly experience the variety. New areas will unlock new characters for you.

From the looks of it, it seems Hangar 13’s claim of a perfect combination of features was not misplaced about Mafia 3.

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