Mafia 3 Money Farming Guide – How to Make Money Fast, Easy Money Exploits

Earning money in Mafia 3 is not easy but there are some tips that will help you earn money at a faster rate. First, keep in mind that there is no way to earn money within hours and be rich as Donald Trump, or whoever his equivalent was in the 60’s.

You will earn money through completing missions, get money from rackets, pick up random bundles or money your enemies drop or you will find randomly lying around in offices and warehouses.

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Mafia 3 Money Farming Tips

Well, money is hard to come by in Mafia 3 like I mentioned. All the money you earn via different methods is stored inside a safe. But you will need to store the money manually by visiting the safe yourself every once in awhile. Before going on a mission during which you may end up dead, always visit the safe to store your cash.

The reason for going is the loss of money you face when you die. You will lose half of your wallet when you die.

Collecting money from rackets is another great way to farm money. Your underbosses control rackets and collect money directly from them. You will need to visit your underbosses to get the money. Keep in mind that there is cap on the amount they can hold for you at a time. If you don’t collect, they will stop bringing money in from the rackets.

Keep visiting your underbosses on a regular bases to collect money. The cap will increase with game progression.

Progressing through the story and having all three underbosses to command will open new ways to earn money. One of which is Stealing Dead Drops and Following Bagmen.

However, this method won’t be available to you until you progress through the main storyline to meet Donovon on a bench in Barclay Mills. During your meeting you will be handed a collectible item as well, but don’t forget to pick up at the end of the cutscene.

Progressing through the main storyline is very important, especially, getting closer to Vito Scaletta. Reaching $140,000 will unlock the ability to hire someone to collect racket money. This will allow you to Steal Dead Drops and follow Bagmen instead of worrying about collecting racket money.

Ammo Exploit

Once you are out of ammo or with low ammo, you should call ammo dealer to your location and switch to a different weapon. Equip the weapon before switching back to the weapon that has low ammo. The ammo will be replenished!

Keep in mind that the ability to call weapons dealer to your location is provided by Cassandra, so pay attention to the tasks she gives you.

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