Mafia 3 Associates Guide – Perks, Services, Costs, Selection Wheel

The massive city can not be controlled by one man so Clay needs his underbosses. Meanwhile, his underbosses need associates to provide different perks and services to Clay during missions.

When you take control of more Rackets and Districts and keep doing favors for your underbosses, you will unlock Mafia 3 associates. Each comes with its own perk such as Vehicles delivery, arms delivery, police dispatcher and more.

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You will have access to The Associates’ Services selection wheel that is made of 6 sections. Different sections will unlock as progress through the game.

The wheel is divided into Operator, Consigliere, Hit Squad, Vehicle Delivery, Police Dispatcher, and Arms Dealer. However, using associated perks will cost you markers or money.

You can earn markers by doing favors for underbosses or just pay the associated upfront in cash. Perks usually cost 1 Marker each.

Mafia 3 Associates Guide – Associate Perks and Cost

Thomas Burke

1: Bomb Expert Terry Daly

2: Car Thief Hank McGahee

3: Police Insider Fiona Davidson

  • Call in a car from your collection – 0$
  • Cops will ignore your crimes for 30 seconds – 30K
  • Mark police cars on radar – 60K
  • Explosives unlock at Arms Dealer – 100K
  • Cops will ignore your crimes for 2 min – 140K
  • Steal cars undetected – 180K
  • All cops ignore your crimes for 2 min – 220K
  • Expand explosive inventory – 280K
  • All cops ignore your crimes for 5 min – 320K
  • Steal occupied cars without commotion – 370K

Vito Scaletta

1: Doctor Gianni Bruno

2: Scout Betty Johnson

3: Hired Thug/Bodyguard Bobby Navarro

  • Same time and hire a courier to deposit money – 0
  • Call in armed backup – 30K
  • Max HP upgrade – 60K
  • Adrenaline storage upgrade -100K
  • Reveal enemy locations and collect racket money – 140K
  • HP regeneration upgrade – 180K
  • Call in heavily-armed backup to your location – 220K
  • Max HP upgrade – 270K
  • Adrenaline shots will heal full HP – 320K
  • Call an elite four-man kill squad to your location – 370K
  • Max HP upgrade – 420K


1: Gunsmith Jean-Baptiste

2: Switchboard operator Jennifer Moran

3: Arms Dealer – Jackie DuVernay

  • Mobile arms dealer – 0
  • Screaming Zemi – 30K
  • Gun accuracy upgrade – 60K
  • Shut down all phones for 5 min – 100K
  • Increased ammo capacity – 140K
  • Screaming Zemi Smoke Bomb – 180K
  • Improved stability of weapon – 220K
  • Shut down all phones for 10 min – 270K
  • Screaming Zemi exploding ability – 320K
  • Quick reload upgrade – 370K
  • Shut down all phones in the area and call for backup – 420K

Vehicle Delivery

The vehicle delivery perk lets call a vehicle to your locations. You can unlock different vehicles.

  • Berkley Executive – Unlocked alongside Vehicle Delivery perk
  • Samson Drifter – Unlocked after “Get Grecco”
  • Pinkerton Titan – Unlocked after “Kill The Butcher”
  • Armored Majesty – Unlocked after “Kill Tony”
  • De’Leo Traviata – Unlocked after “Kill Frank”
  • Bulworth Mohican – Unlocked after “Find Enzo”

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