Mafia 2 In-Game Dev Console and Cheats

Yes, you read it right, Mafia 2 has an in-game dev console which is not official but a custom injected program. You can tweak Mafia 2 with ease using Mafia 2 dev console and enable all sorts of cheats including god mode.

Here’s how:

Step 1
Download Mafia 2 Dev Console.

Step 2
Extract m2dev console in the same folder as “Mafia2.exe”.

Step 3
Start the game, ALT-TAB back to where you extracted m2dev console, run “m2dev.exe” and go back to the game.

Step 4
Press F12, and the console will pop up.

You can tweak the console key by editing m2dev.ini. All keys must be enter in DEC value, HEX will not work!

Supported Commands

  • cg_ammoinclip
  • cg_ammo
  • cg_waterhover
  • cg_police
  • cg_showhud
  • cg_health
  • cg_drawfps
  • cg_fightmode
  • cg_pedsfightback
  • cg_carhorns
  • cg_missionstatus
  • cg_time
  • cg_weather
  • cg_money
  • crash
  • quit
  • #lua
  • #execlua

Read the readme file for examples of what you can do with m2dev console.

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