Maelstrom Beginners Guide – Factions/Races, Understanding Combat, Ship Defense, Dark-Waters (Tips And Strategies)

Our Maelstrom Beginners Guide is for the latest out-on-the-seas adventure game that has you hunting down sea monsters and embarking on a journey to find treasures. This Maelstrom Guide will help you learn everything you need to know before you begin your journey into the heart of unknown.

Maelstrom Beginners Guide

A strategy based ship-to-ship combat game; you will have lots to learn when it comes to Maelstrom.

The game, as of now, is playable as a Battle Royale, FFA Mode where you will have to battle against other players. The mode titled ‘Cutthroat’ pits 15 player-controlled ships from the edges of the map where the last one standing wins the round.

You can also destroy AI-controlled ships called ‘Boon Ships’ to collect resources for upgrading your ship’s capabilities. As the round edges closer to completion, the circle gets shorter and dead-waters (PUBGs and Fortnite equivalent of forcefield) has Krakens and sea monsters destroying your ship.

You can use this to your advantage too if you happen to ram a foe’s ship into these dark-waters.

You can also collect power-ups after destroying a ship or wait for others to tear each other down. These power-ups come in four categories: speed boost, increased cannon damage, and increased armor for increased defense.

There is also the ‘repair’ power-up that is rare but it can undo the damage done to your ship and restore its functionality. In addition to this, try to keep an eye on your ship’s hull stats on the left of the screen. It shows the different parts of your ship and their respective shields.

Understanding Combat System

Of course, when it comes to the core of the game, your main objective is to take down enemy ships. The primary strategy is to demolish the opposing ships’ Armor or Shields before anything else.

For this purpose, it is ideal to fire canons in order to deal maximum damage. An absence of armor will leave a ship’s defenses vulnerable. You can then proceed to deal damage directly to the ship’s hull and successfully sink the opposing vessel.

Alternatively, you can head up close and ram straight into the ship’s hull to deal massive damage. Of course, this is dependent on your momentum and speed of the ship at the time of impact.

Lastly, there is another way to engage in combat through a concept called Boarding. This involves grappling the opposing ship and dealing damage directly to the hull without the need to tear down the ship’s Armor and Shield.

During this grapple scenario, both ships will be unable to move. It is obviously a risky maneuver, but feel free to give it a go. You will be able to collect a lot of spoils and goodies after defeating an opponent.

Slowing Enemies Down

When you approach a foe that is at a nice pace when it comes to the ship’s movement speed, the target might be hard to hit. In such a case, it is best to use ‘Chain’ and ‘Grape’ shots.

If you are having trouble with an overly aggressive ship, you can fire Chain shots as defensive measures as well.


In this section of our Maelstrom Guide, we have detailed all the factions/races that you can use in the game. We have provides strengths and weaknesses of these ships.

Human Ships
These are the fastest ships of all other races. The faction also has the best stats when it comes to firing canons.

With an incredible range and damage output, you just need that little window to time your shots and rain havoc on it. They are, however, vulnerable from attacks on the front and the back of the ship.

Orc Ships
This faction boosts maneuverability. Due to the ship’s low inertia, you can easily steer into a different direction without much loss in speed. Orc Ships also excel when it comes to close-quarter combat. Boarding and ramming work really well.

Dwarf Ships
Quite unsinkable due to an incredible Armor & Shield. Coming with its unique skills, the Dwarf Ships can sail backwards and are immune to Chain Shots entirely. Unlike ships for other factions, these ones have canons at both sides of the ship.

This can be quite a powerful faction, if used properly. The weakness here, however, is that the ship comes with a small number of crewmembers. Therefore, the Dwarf Ship is particularly troubling when it comes to being boarded by other ships.

This is all we have in our Maelstrom Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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