Madden NFL 25 Top 5 Best Wide Receivers Guide

It’s been said that a receiver is only as good as the man on the other end of the pass. The top wideouts on Madden 25 might help to dispel that notion. No one can question the man at the top of this list, however: Calvin Johnson.

A dominant receiver in Madden can completely change the dynamic of your opponents’ defense. Below are the top rated Wide Receivers in Madden 25:

Top Rated Madden 25 RBs
# Player Team Rating
1 Calvin Johnson Jr. Detroit Lions 99
2 Andre Johnson Houston Texans 97
3 Brandon Marshall Chicago Bears 95
4 A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals 94
5 Wes Welker Denver Broncos 93

You’ll notice a few changes in the SegmentNext rankings, including one major alteration. The Wide Receiver grades are possibly the most subjective in the entire group, mostly due to a massive talent-pool infusion.

Here’s a few shake-up’s at the top:

Calvin Johnson Jr
This man is a machine. Megatron is one of three or four unstoppable athletes in Madden 25. Toss the ball within any vicinity of Calvin and he’s probably hauling it in.

Andre Johnson
A slightly slower version of Calvin Johnson. Both of these men will outsize any opposition, giving you the jump-ball advantage. Air it out.

Larry Fitzgerald
Criminally underrated. Whoever decided Larry Fitzgerald was a 92 overall was either drunk or a Rams’ fan! His combination of speed, catching, and size is easily Top 3.

A.J. Green
His only weakness? The guy on the other end of the ball. A.J. Green has the speed and catching attributes to be unstoppable on Madden 25. If only he had a better QB orchestrating the offense.

Roddy White
Maybe he benefits from one of the most potent offenses in Madden 25, but Roddy White is an absolute beast in this game. A solid combination of size, speed, and talent-around-him make White a stud.

Having a dominant wideout will make life a lot easier on Madden 25. Luckily, the talent pool is deep. While the elite guys (mentioned above) will continue to be game-changers, you can still find plenty of talent on most teams.

Contributor at SegmentNext.