Madden NFL 25 Top 5 Best Running Backs Guide

There are a handful of unstoppable players on Madden 25. No matter how much you struggle to shut them down, they’re still going to have you throwing your controller in the end.

This year, one of those players resides in the Running Back group: Adrian Peterson. Having an elite RB opens up so many options on offense, making it a key position in Madden 25.

Below are the top rated Running Backs in Madden 25:

Top Rated Madden 25 RBs
# Player Team Rating
1 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings 99
2 Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks 96
3 Arian Foster Houston Texans 95
4 Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs 94
5 Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens 94

Similar to most player ratings in this game, real-world success does not always make for Madden success. Below are the SegmentNext Top 5 Running Backs, adjusted for gameplay.

Adrian Peterson
This guy is just ridiculous. The perfect combination of speed, elusiveness, and power. A back like AD forces opponents to obsessive over him in futility, opening up the limited passing game.

Chris Johnson
Don’t be so surprised! CJ2K is two years removed from being an elite Madden back. His 87 overall rating may seem modest, but his 99 Speed rating says it all. Get him outside and watch out!

Marshawn Lynch
Learn the power moves and relax. Lowering Lynch’s shoulder is devastating to opponents. He still has the speed to be dangerous outside, but don’t rely on it solely.

Jamaal Charles
98 Speed rating. Enough said. Easily the most important sub-rating, Charles is the second fastest back in the game. Once he gets some separation, it’s all over with.

Arian Foster
Perfect storm of speed and power. Foster can be used to perfection in both power and finesse running schemes. Hard to bring down and breakaway speed? Doesn’t get much better.

The best way to optimize the running game in Madden 25 is with SPEED. The quicker backs, even with lower overall ratings, provide an instant boost over more powerful runners.

There’s plenty of backs to build around Madden 25.

Contributor at SegmentNext.