Madden NFL 25 NFC Teams Offense and Defense Strategy Guide

Each division in NFC featured in Madden NFL 25 has some of the toughest teams with overall division ratings that are more than AFC divisions.

Playing with your favorite team and surviving in NFC will take some effort and skill and to aid that, we have analyzed every team and have come forward with some handy offense and defense tactics that you can employ to defeat your opponents.

Madden NFL 25 NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Offensive Strategy: The Dallas offense is predicated on balance, with strong playmakers in every skill position. DeMarco Murray (84) is a capable running threat, but unfortunately very little depth exists behind him.

Using Murray as a workhorse can prove dangerous, with a limited Joseph Randle (69) backing him up.

Spreading the ball amongst the wideouts, notably Dez Bryant (92) and Miles Austin (84), puts opposing defenses on their heels and opens up the running options for Murray.

The Cowboys also have one of the more reliable Tight End threats in the game, with Jason Witten (96) operating great off of play-action.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Tony Romo Quarterback 88
Dez Bryant Wide Receiver 92
DeMarco Murray Running Back 84

Defensive Strategy: Attack the ends! Dallas boasts the most dangerous pass rusher in the game with DE Demarcus Ware. His speed around the edge can be used to destroy weaker OTs and rack up sacks. A solid Linebacker core, anchored by Sean Lee, provides a valuable second line of defense.

Be wary, things get shaky behind them in the secondary.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Demarcus Ware Defensive End 94
Sean Lee Linebacker 90
Anthony Spencer Defensive End 89

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. Dallas is loaded at the skill positions on both sides of the ball. While the Offensive Line and Secondary have their weaknesses, the depth of talent can make them hard to defend or attack. If using the Cowboys in Dynasty mode, be quick to target O-Linemen and a formidable Safety.

New York Giants

Offensive Strategy: Air it out! A strong Offensive Line, two dangerous wideouts, and one of the steadiest Quarterback’s in the league augment a powerful offense capable of making big plays.

Eli Manning (91) is almost one-dimensional, but he’s perfected that one dimension; pocket passing. With studs like Victor Cruz (90) and Hakeem Nicks (89) on the outside, the air attack is hard for most defenses to preserve.

This helps make up for a relatively weak ground game.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Eli Manning Quarterback 91
Victor Cruz Wide Receiver 90
Entire Offensive Line O-Line N/A

Defensive Strategy: Front-line pressure is a must. Bolstered by a strong front four, the Giant’s defense depends on getting early pressure to disrupt opposing offenses. Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck provide a ferocious outside rush, but the talent behind them borders on mediocre.

A young secondary delivers glimpses of relief, but has the potential to be exposed if opposing QB’s have too much time to find the holes.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Justin Tuck Defensive End 87
Jason Pierre-Paul Defensive End 94
AntrelRolle Safety 83

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. Let’s be clear, the Giants are a good Madden team. The high-powered offense can be elite at times, but the ground game leaves something to be desired.

If opposing offenses negate the strong pass rush, the NYG Defense is easily exposed, especially with the newly popular pistol/option formations. Start rebuilding the back seven if using the Giants in Dynasty Mode.

Philadelphia Eagles

Offensive Strategy: You have lots of options. The Philly offense has been a bit of an enigma in Madden 25. Some have argued that Michael Vick (81) is underrated, but don’t let the number fool you. His 92-Speed rating and big arm still make him a multi-threat weapon.

DeSean Jackson (85) is one of the fastest players in the game with a 98-Speed rating, and Lesean McCoy (93) continues to be one of the most dreaded matchup problems for opposing defenses. Spreading the ball amongst those three can lead to lots of big plays and quick scores.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Michael Vick Quarterback 81
Lesean McCoy Running Back 93
DeSean Jackson Wide Receiver 85

Defensive Strategy: Cross your fingers! There aren’t many bright spots on this squad, despite some young talent on the line. Don’t get caught being comfortable with one or two formations, or you will be exposed.

Your best defensive strategy with the Eagles is to keep them off the field by controlling the clock on offense.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Kenny Phillips Safety 85
Conner Barwin Linebacker 83
DeMecoRyans Linebacker 85

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. Philly could be a fun team on Dynasty Mode, especially if you like rebuilding a defense. The offensive weapons are scary good, but the sieve-of-a-defense makes them a bottom-dweller in the tough NFC East division.

You can win more than a few games simply be going shot-for-shot on offense, but that strategy is seldom sustainable.

Washington Redskins

Offensive Strategy: RGIII. Yes, that’s the strategy… RGIII (89). This guy has virtually zero weaknesses on Madden 25. Keep defenses on their heels with a Quarterback who can outrun most Running Backs in this game, operating behind a potent Offensive Line.

Speaking of Running Backs, Washington has a young and powerful stud of their own sitting behind Griffin, in 2nd year back Alfred Morris (89). Flanked by the big-bodied Pierre Garcon (87) and reliable veteran Santana Moss (81), the Redskins offense is one of the most dangerous available in Madden 25.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Robert Griffin III Quarterback 89
Alfred Morris Running Back 89
Pierre Garcon Wide Receiver 87

Defensive Strategy: Pressure, pressure, pressure. Washington arguably has the most potent pass rush duo in Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan. These two OLB’s offer strength and speed off the edge, with the ageless London Fletcher still performing at a high-level in the middle.

The secondary is the teams only glaring weakness, where you will potentially be starting two rookies out of the gate.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Brian Orakpo Linebacker 90
Ryan Kerrigan Linebacker 87
London Fletcher Linebacker 82

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. As far as gameplay goes, the Redskins are a dominant entity in Madden 25. They earn a solid “Contender” rating by offering a juggernaut of an offense and a well-rounded, potent defense.

One weakness could be depth, as there aren’t a lot of options behind the starters. If using this team in Dynasty Mode, target some veteran Secondary help and make sure you keep RGIII up-right and healthy.

Madden NFL 25 NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Offensive Strategy: Pick your poison. Online players beware: you’re going to see a lot of opponents picking the Falcons, and understandably so. This offense is flat out scary! Load the box to stop all-pro Steven Jackson (89)? No problem, Just have QB Matt Ryan (94) float a deep ball over the top to Roddy White (93) or Julio Jones (91).

Did both of them mysteriously trip on their routes? No big deal, you still have the ageless Tony Gonzalez (95) running underneath. This offense may seem flawless, but don’t forget about protection.

Atlanta’s line is on the weaker side for Madden 25 and is susceptible to the bull rush. With so many weapons, you can easily counteract such tactics, however.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Matt Ryan Quarterback 94
Steven Jackson Running Back 89
White/Jones Combo Wide Receivers 93/91

Defensive Strategy: Keep them off the field. This isn’t to say that the Atlanta defense is bad in Madden 25, but they aren’t particularly good either. With such a potent offense, your best strategy is to control the clock and keep your defense rested.

The corners are very good with Asante Samuel and Desmond Trufant, but they don’t get much help from the Safety’s. Newcomer OsiUmenyiora is a big upgrade to the pass rush, but the rest of the line leaves something to be desired.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Asante Samuel Cornerback 89
OsiUmenyiora Defensive End 84
Sean Weatherspoon Linebacker 83

SegmentNext Rating: Elite. The Falcons aren’t the most complete team in Madden 25, as their Defense has a few holes that can be exploited. However, they have one of the most potent offenses we’ve seen in this game in recent history.

The amount of weapons on offense makes it impossible for the opposition to control the tempo. If using Atlanta in Dynasty Mode, make considerations for some Back 7 help on defense and try to bolster the O line.

Carolina Panthers

Offensive Strategy: Lots of play-action and option. Cam Newton (89) is a Madden stud! He has higher strength ratings than many Linebackers in this game, which is probably accurate in the real world. Add in Running Back-like speed, and you have a weapon that you must let prosper.

This entire offense revolves around Newton and his multi-threat abilities, flanked by Steve Smith (89), who remains as electric and reliable as ever. Set up the big plays by pounding the line with Running Backs DeAngelo Williams (82) and Jonathan Stewart (82), before going play-action to Smith or Greg Olsen (88).

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Cam Newton Quarterback 89
Steve Smith Wide Receiver 89
Greg Olsen Tight End 88

Defensive Strategy: Get to the Quarterback! The Panthers have a tough, young core of Linebackers in Luke Kuechly and Jon Beason.

Bringing them on blitzes off the edge is your best chance of causing disruption, especially with a rather weak secondary that is exposed on big plays. Consider using Zone-heavy schemes to help make up for this deficiency.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Luke Kuechly Linebacker 89
Jon Beason Linebacker 88
Charles Johnson Defensive End 93

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. Carolina is still a few pieces away from being a serious threat on Madden 25. Luckily, they have a dynamic centerpiece in Cam Newton that will be fun to build around in Dynasty Mode.

There are simply too many positions to address as deficient in the meantime. Once Steve Smith calls it quits, this offense is in trouble.

New Orleans Saints

Offensive Strategy: Air it out! Drew Brees (96) is the same as always: incredible. With Marques Colston (90) and Lance Moore (85) on the other end of the equation, the Saints are always a major deep threat. A more-than-capable Darren Sproles (87) sits in the backfield and can benefit from defenses on their heels from the passing game.

Some people have called them “Falcons-Lite”, but with a stronger offensive line protecting the goods, an argument can be made for New Orleans being a favorite in this division.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Drew Brees Quarterback 96
Darren Sproles Running Back 87
Colston/Moore Combo Wide Receivers 90/85

Defensive Strategy: Keep them off the field! The New Orleans defense is uhhh… not good. The two hard-hitting Safety’s are the centerpiece, and they’ll get plenty of work with the rest of the defense being so inept.

Either control the clock with the offense or hope to go point-for-point with your opponent. Regardless, be prepared for some frustrating moments on defense.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Jabari Greer Cornerback 86
Kenny Vaccaro Safety 80
BrodrickBunkley Defensive Tackle 82

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. The state of New Orleans defense gives them serious consideration for a Pretender rating… but the offense is just too good to ever be out of a game. Expect lots of high-scoring matchups and be ready to go point-for-point with your opponent.

Consider going for it on 4th and manageable game situations, as punting can be a dagger for the Saints. On Dynasty Mode, start rebuilding that defense immediately, from the front-line out.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Offensive Strategy: Pound the ground and set up play-action. Sophomore Doug “Muscle Hamster” Martin (90) is a major threat in Madden 25.

Give opposing defenses heavy doses of Martin before setting up some over-the-top passing situations. Josh Freeman (82) is a serviceable Quarterback, but will leave you gripping the controller in frustration on many occasions. His saving grace is a pair of phenomenal wideouts in Vincent Jackson (92) and Mike Williams (85).

The Bucs have enough weapons to give any opponent problems if they try to shutdown one particular player.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Doug Martin Running Back 90
Vincent Jackson Wide Receiver 92
Mike Williams Wide Receiver 85

Defensive Strategy: Get after the ball. Tampa has an upgraded defense, highlighted by a fantastic secondary. Trust those guys to cover their assignments and feel free to send an extra blitzer on most downs.

This especially important when you consider that the defensive front is less than stellar when compared to the back seven.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
DarrelleRevis Cornerback 97
Gerald McCoy Defensive Tackle 91
DashonGoldson Safety 90

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. While they have plenty of weapons to be taken seriously, Tampa Bay has issues with protection on offense. A Quarterback who is prone to inaccuracies and is not particularly athletic compounds these issues.

A great young centerpiece in Doug Martin will make the Bucs a fun Dynasty team to build around. Focus on strengthening both sides of the line and possibly scout out a Quarterback for the future.

Madden NFL 25 NFC North

Chicago Bears

Offensive Strategy: Matt Forte (91) is an exceptional Running Back in this game, almost to the point of being overrated. Similarly, Jay Cutler (86) has the tools to get the ball way down field without the questionable decision-making he’s famous for.

Combined with a stud receiver like Brandon Marshall (95), the Bears have wind up with an elite Madden 25 defense that can do some serious damage to opposing defenses. The offensive line is a little weak, but with a good run/pass balance, opponents will be forced to play more conservative to keep pace.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Jay Cutler Quarterback 86
Matt Forte Running Back 91
Brandon Marshal Wide Receiver 95

Defensive Strategy: The Bears defense has elite playmakers at each level, but below-average help surrounds them. Julius Peppers remains as destructive as ever and should continue to rack up the sacks.

Lance Briggs provides a force in the middle, but the loss of Brian Urlacher does him no favors. Charles Tillman is an elite Cornerback, but the rest of the Secondary is below par. Getting pressure with Peppers and Briggs will be important.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Julius Peppers Defensive End 92
Lance Briggs Linebacker 94
Charles Tillman Cornerback 95

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. The playmakers on the Chicago offense provide some serious firepower to work with. With every level of the defense harboring an impact player, the opportunity for turnovers remains high.

If using the Bears on Dynasty Mode, you’ll have the luxury of building around solid contributors at every position.

Detroit Lions

Offensive Strategy: Air it out. Similar to reality, just get the ball in the general vicinity of Calvin Johnson (99) and he’s probably going to haul it in. Johnson is in the 90’s in every relevant category to his position and it shows during gameplay.

Combined with Matt Stafford’s (85) deep ball capabilities, you can have a lot of fun with the Detroit passing game. The problem is that everyone knows this and will devote their attention to shutting down the air attack.

Newcomer Reggie Bush (83) provides a spark on the ground and should be used liberally when defenses focus on the receivers.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Calvin Johnson Jr. Wide Receiver 99
Matt Stafford Quarterback 85
Reggie Bush Running Back 83

Defensive Strategy: Detroit has a deceptively good defense, especially on the front line. NdemukongSuh and Nick Fairley are nearly impossible to run on and give a nice push for the pass rush.

ZiggyAnsah coming off the end is equally disruptive to both passing and running attacks. This destructive line is made all the more important by a rather weak Secondary.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
NdemukongSuh Defensive Tackle 93
Nick Fairley Defensive Tackle 90
Louis Delmas Safety 84

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. Detroit has one of the games most electric and reliable player-makers in Johnson, but he’s largely surrounded by mediocrity. With enough resources being devoted to containing him, the rest of the offense seems inadequate at taking advantage of the freedom.

Dynasty users should try to add another playmaker opposite of 81 and bolster the Secondary.

Green Bay Packers

Offensive Strategy: Air it out. The Packers have an embarrassment of riches on offense. Four targets are rated over 85+: Jordy Nelson (89), Randall Cobb (88), James Jones (87), and Jermichael Finley (85).

Even an average Quarterback would shine with such weapons at his disposal, but the Packers don’t have an average Quarterback–they have the best one in the game. Aaron Rodgers (98) can drop the ball on a dime or take off and run when prompted.

Green Bay has sought an answer to the running game for years, which they hope to have found in rookie Eddie Lacy (76). His talents are inadequate in general, but there is no doubt that the running game opens up with such passing success.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Aaron Rodgers Quarterback 98
The Receivers Wide Receivers 87+
Jermichael Finley Tight End 85

Defensive Strategy: Most teams with one dominant side of the ball suffer on the opposite side. Not really the case with Green Bay. The back seven may be one of the best in the game and the front line is no slouch, either.

You have the luxury of being aggressive on a regular basis and not worry about getting burnt on the back end.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Clay Matthews Linebacker 95
A.J. Hawk Linebacker 84
Ryan Pickett Defensive Tackle 86

SegmentNext Rating: Elite. Green Bay earns a coveted Elite rating by having virtually zero flaws. The largest flaw, the running game, is effectively overcome by such a dominant passing game. The defense is also one of the best in the game, possessing an all-important strong Secondary.

Dynasty Users may want to consider upgrading the running back position… but that almost wouldn’t be fair to the competition.

Minnesota Vikings

Offensive Strategy: AD… All Day. This is a no-brainer. If you aren’t getting the ball in the hands of Adrian Peterson (99) around 2.5 times per 4-down series, you’re just doing it all wrong. The Vikings offense IS Peterson and everyone knows it.

This presents the opportunity to execute the occasional play-action pass to Kyle Rudolph (86) or newcomer Greg Jennings (88) for big gains. Minnesota is weak at Quarterback with Christian Ponder (78), so use him sparingly. Screen passes to Peterson are also rather effective. Just get him the ball!

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Adrian Peterson Running Back 99
Kyle Rudolph Tight End 86
Greg Jennings Wide Receiver 88

Defensive Strategy: An aggressive front line, anchored by stud Defensive End Jared Allen, allows for great pressure. Take advantage of this with the occasional linebacker off Allen’s hip and try to force sacks and turnovers.

The Secondary is adequate but not impenetrable. Don’t get comfortable, or you’ll get burnt.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Jared Allen Defensive End 89
Kevin Williams Defensive Tackle 90
Brian Robinson Defensive End 87

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. Any team that has a healthy Adrian Peterson is a contender. Period. The upgraded receiving targets and a respectable defense makes Minnesota a team to take serious in Madden 25.

Dynasty Users should take a serious look at their Quarterback situation and consider what an upgrade could mean for this team.

Madden NFL 25 NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

Offensive Strategy: Air it out… mostly out of lack of other options.

Larry Fitzgerald (92) is criminally underrated in this game. He’s also Arizona’s only real threat on the field in Madden 25. Carson Palmer (84) is an upgrade at the Quarterback position, but is still not the Palmer of old.

The running game (what running game?) features Rashard Mendenhall (80), who should probably donate about 6 rating points to Fitzgerald to even things out.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Larry Fitzgerald Wide Receiver 92
Carson Palmer Quarterback 84
Rashard Mendenhall Running Back 80

Defensive Strategy: Wreak havoc. Blitz. Force turnovers. For as weak as Arizona’s offense is, the defense is the complete opposite. Big time playmakers exist on all levels, highlighted by S Patrick Peterson and LB KarlosDansby.

The front line is equally tough, and rookie Tyrann Mathieu is an interesting addition.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
KarlosDansby Linebacker 83
Patrick Peterson Cornerback 89
Tyrann Mathieu Safety 72

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. The defense will keep you in plenty of games, and if you’re able to capitalize on some defensive scores, they may even win you a few. The offense, however, is just nonexistent.

For as good as Larry Fitzgerald is, the rest of the team fails to capitalize on the extra attention given to him. Dynasty Users could benefit from pretty muchany additional weapons on that side of the ball.

San Francisco 49ers

Offensive Strategy: Oh boy. Do whatever the %#!$ you want to do! This offense is unfair… there are no flaws. The weakest link on the offensive line is Center Jonathan Goodwin (85). That rating is up there with the best lineman on many teams. Frank Gore (93) is an absolute beast in the power running game behind them.

Michael Crabtree (90) and AnquanBoldin (88) catching bombs from Colin Kaepernick (89) transforms this offense from power run to spread offense in an instant. Vernon Davis (94) is just the icing on the cake. Seriously, this offense is scary.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Entire Offensive Line Offensive Line 85+
Frank Gore Running Back 93
Crabtree/Boldin Combo Wide Receivers 90, 88

Defensive Strategy: Similar to the offense, you have so many options that you can’t go wrong. Every level of this defense is comprised of 80+ rated playmakers. Wreak havoc with blitzes and rack up the sacks, or sit back and force turnovers with interceptions and hit-stick fumbles.

Mix these strategies up to keep opponents terrified of what’s coming next.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Patrick Willis Linebacker 97
Carlos Rogers Cornerback 90
Ahmad Brooks Linebacker 89

SegmentNext Rating: Elite. Elite. Elite. Elite. San Francisco is the best team in Madden 25. If you’re new to the series and want to be able to contend against your more seasoned friends, this is the team to pick.

They’re almost idiot-proof. Dynasty Users should pick a different team, because it’s no fun to just win everything. Seriously, though, keep filling young talent behind the veterans and profit.

Seattle Seahawks

Offensive Strategy: You have options. Seattle has a great offensive line, allowing Marshawn Lynch (96) plenty of protection to run for huge gains. Similarly, they provide plenty of time for Russell Wilson (89) to find his numerous playmaking wideouts or take off running.

Percy Harvin (92) and Sidney Rice (86) combine for an incredibly dangerous and dynamic receiving core, forcing defenses to pick their poison. Focusing on shutting down one aspect of this offense leaves another wide open.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Marshawn Lynch Running Back 96
Harvin/Rice Combo Wide Receivers 92, 86
Russell Wilson Quarterback 89

Defensive Strategy: Enjoy your turnovers. Seattle is a turnover-forcing machine in Madden 25. Playmakers at ever level give you freedom to run a variety of schemes and blitzes, usually leaving one of your elite secondary members a shot at an interception.

The front seven can pressure the Quarterback as well as any team in this game.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Richard Sherman Cornerback 96
Antoine Winfield Cornerback 90
Kam Chancellor Safety 90

SegmentNext Rating: Elite. We don’t give out this rating to just anyone. Having two Elite teams in the same division is incredibly rare, but it’s a fact in Madden 25. Seattle is a Top 3 team, having major talent across the entire roster.

Similar to San Fran, Dynasty Users simply need to backfill positions with young talent to keep the wins coming year after year. Oh, watch that salary cap closely!

St Louis Rams

Offensive Strategy: Dink and dunk. This offense is not particularly good at any position, but there is some serious speed at the wideout position with Chris Givens (75) and Tavon Austin (76).

Quarterback Sam Bradford (85) is the bright spot on this team, but unfortunately lacks the type of weapons to properly utilize his abilities. Getting the ball to those speedsters and hoping for the best seems to be the best strategy for St Louis.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Sam Bradford Quarterback 85
Tavon Austin Wide Receiver 76
Chris Givens Wide Receiver 75

Defensive Strategy: Much like the offense, the defensive strategy for the Rams seems to be a “hope for the best” type of situation. They have more talent than their offensive counterparts, but still nothing remarkable.

A solid Secondary and a formidable pass rusher in DE Chris Long highlight this group. Getting pressure will be your best bet, but that’s easier said than done with this group.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Chris Long Defensive End 88
Cortland Finnegan Cornerback 88
James Laurinaitis Linebacker 86

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. St Louis is remarkably unremarkable in Madden 25. A lack of playmakers on both sides of the ball causes a serious struggle to remain in games with better teams.

Combined with the fact that they play San Francisco and Seattle twice a year, you have the recipe for a bottom-dweller in the conference. Dynasty Users need to upgrade everything and remain patient.

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