Madden NFL 25 AFC Teams Offense and Defense Strategy Guide

AFC divisions in Madden NFL 25 may have the lower overall ratings compared to NFC but that doesn’t make your life easier unless you can effectively use the strength of your favorite team or capitalize on the weakness of your opponents.

To aid you, we have this offense and defense strategy guide following by ratings for each team featured in Madden NFL 25 AFC divisions.

Madden NFL 25 AFC East

Buffalo Bills

Offensive Strategy: Pound the ground to open up play-action. C.J. Spiller is a very quick back in Madden 25. Speed has always been a more valuable attribute than power, and Spiller is a great example of why.

The Bills have some talented receivers, led by Stevie Johnson, but getting them the ball may feel like a lesson in futility. It’s going to be important to establish the run first, as E.J.

Manuel is not a very good Quarterback in this game. Get your opponent to load the box on Spiller, then hit them with the play-action.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
C.J. Spiller Running Back 92
Stevie Johnson Wide Receiver 89
E.J. Manuel Quarterback 74

Defensive Strategy: The front line of Buffalo is silly. Madden has always had issues with highly-rated Defensive Ends getting an unfair shake in gameplay, and this year isn’t much different.


Mario Williams is still an absolute stud, and when paired with Marcell Dareus, this line becomes a weapon. Get after the quarterback and don’t be scared to send a linebacker on passing downs. The Secondary is surprisingly decent.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
MarcellDareus Defensive Tackle 88
Mario Williams Defensive End 92
Jarius Byrd Safety 95

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. Buffalo is an interesting team with a few position groups that are dominant. However, there are too many glaring shortcomings to take them seriously, notably at Quarterback. This game demands a Quarterback that is multi-faceted and accurate.

Manuel has potential in Dynasty Mode, but it will take some building.

Miami Dolphins

Offensive Strategy: Get vertical. QB Ryan Tannehill is better than you might expect in this game, having a big arm and unanticipated speed. Add a freak like Mike Wallace flanking him outside and you get a great big-play-combo.

Miami lacks a running game worthy of taking serious, which definitely trickles down to negatively effect the entire offense. Having a reliable target like Dustin Keller provides a valuable safety net if things start breaking down.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Ryan Tannehill Quarterback 81
Mike Wallace Wide Receiver 87
Dustin Keller Tight End 84

Defensive Strategy: Be aggressive! This is one of the more fun defenses to play with in Madden 25, mostly due to the speed. Rookie Dion Jordan is ridiculously quick and Cameron Wake is a known commodity at Linebacker.

With a formidable Secondary, you should be comfortable sending an extra blitzer on most passing downs.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Cameron Wake Linebacker 97
Dion Jordan Defensive End 83
Brent Grimes Cornerback 89

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. The Dolphins are deceptively good in Madden 25, but not that good. Their fatal flaw seems to be the lack of a legit running game.

Opponents will feel comfortable dropping seven back in coverage when they aren’t afraid of your backs. Dynasty Users should upgrade the running game as soon as possible.

New England Patriots

Offensive Strategy: Tom Mother F&#@ing Brady. That’s all you need to know. Get vertical and do it fast. The Patriots have lacked a dominant running game in Madden for years, but they know it, and it doesn’t make a difference.

Tom Brady is as good as they get and he hasn’t lost a step in this iteration. Many one-dimensional teams suffer when defenses key on their strength, but the Patriots are an exception. Having a safety net like Gronkowski makes up for any lack of running game.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Tom Brady Quarterback 97
Danny Amendola Wide Receiver 83
Rob Gronkowski Tight End 98

Defensive Strategy: Keep everything in front of you. New England has a terrific Secondary that is hard to beat over the top. With suitable Linebackers and a thug like Wilfork plugging up the middle of the line, you can relax in your coverages and let your playmakers make plays.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Vincent Wilfork Defensive Tackle 93
AqibTalib Cornerback 86
Donta Hightower Linebacker 80

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. As long as Tom Brady is in this game, New England will be a contender. The lack of a power running game keeps them from being Elite, but the Patriots are a force in Madden 25.

Dynasty Users should consider upgrading the Running Back position and bolstering the Linebacker corps.

New York Jets

Offensive Strategy: Hope for the best. This review is assuming Geno Smith is under center, rather than Sanchez. Smith provides an added dynamic as a running threat and the read-option should be seriously considered.

Without a legit running game, you’re forced to rely on Santonio Holmes as the only serious deep threat. With a one-dimensional offense, the Jets seem to sputter.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Santonio Holmes Wide Receiver 84
Geno Smith Quarterback 73
Chris Ivory Running Back 80

Defensive Strategy: Much like the offense, there isn’t a whole lot to write home about in regards to this defense. They lose arguably the best Cornerback in the game, and that does not make you any better in Madden 25.

The Secondary is still formidable, but nothing like it once was. The front seven struggles to provide adequate pressure, leaving the Secondary vulnerable. This group is frustrating.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Quinton Coples Defensive End 75
Antonio Cromartie Cornerback 92
David Harris Linebacker 81

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. The Jets take a major step back this year. Losing your most valuable defensive player and starting a rookie Quarterback behind a barely-serviceable front line is a recipe for disaster.

Dynasty Users should upgrade the running game and front line on both sides of the ball.

Madden NFL 25 AFC South

Houston Texans

Offensive Strategy: Pick your poison. The most successful way to dominate with the Texans is play-action off the running game. You may find yourself not even needing the air attack as you run roughshod with Arian Foster, an absolute beast in Madden 25.

Get your opponent to load the box to “try” and stop them, before going play-action to one of the best receivers in the game, Andre Johnson. You can do no wrong with this offense.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Arian Foster Running Back 95
Andre Johnson Wide Receiver 97
Matt Schuab Quarterback 87

Defensive Strategy: Bring the pain! Blitz from the 3-4 and be as disruptive as possible. JJ Watt is as dominate of a defensive player as they make in this game.

Sending a Linebacker off his hip can often lead to an untouched path to the Quarterback. Add a monster like Ed Reed to the squad, and you have one of the best defenses in Madden 25.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
JJ Watt Defensive End 99
Ed Reed Safety 86
Brian Cushing Linebacker 90

SegmentNext Rating: Elite. With incredible playmakers on both sides of the ball, in nearly every position, Houston is a top team in this years’ game. Dynasty Users should watch the salary cap and keep stacking young talent behind the proven veterans.

Indianapolis Colts

Offensive Strategy: Air it out! Not to discredit Andrew Luck and this new dynamic offense, but it can feel like you’re playing Madden 10 with Peyton Manning back under center at times.

Reggie Wayne is as fast and reliable as ever and Cody Fleener is a serviceable safety net to make up for the lack of running game. The Colts still struggle to provide a ground threat… but what’s new?

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Andrew Luck Quarterback 88
Reggie Wayne Wide Receiver 91
Cody Fleener Tight End 77

Defensive Strategy: Conservative. Indianapolis lacks major playmakers on defense. Robert Mathis is the largest exception, but you quickly feel the limitations of the team as a whole.

The addition of Laron Landry adds a presence in the middle of the field, and at times he seems to be a turnover machine. Still, with such a mediocre group, your best bet is sitting back in coverage and letting the powerful offense bail you out.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Robert Mathis Linebacker 86
Laron Landry Safety 86
Vontae Davis Cornerback 87

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. Andrew Luck is a top tier Quarterback in this game, but his supporting cast is just too pedestrian to make much use of his talents.

With no viable running threat, opponents can sit in coverage and thwart the air game. Dynasty Users should look to upgrade the running game ASAP.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Offensive Strategy: Maurice Jones-Drew is your strategy. An elite running back can take you far in Madden 25, and you need to let MJD carry you as far as he can. As with all good ground teams, use your success to setup play-action fakes.

Having a Tight End option like Mercedes Lewis lends more credence to this strategy. Blaine Gabbert is not a good Madden QB, but he has enough weapons around him to be taken serious.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Maurice Jones-Drew Running Back 91
Justin Blackmon Wide Receiver 81
Blaine Gabbert Quarterback 74

Defensive Strategy: Conservative. The Jacksonville defense is… bad. A limited pass rush, mediocre second level, and a Secondary prone to giving up the deep ball equal a basement-dweller defense in Madden 25.

Dropping your back seven into coverage seems to be the only way to stop big plays through the air, while subsequently opening running lanes. Catch-22.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Paul Posluszny Linebacker 83
Jonathan Cyprien Safety 76
Marcus Trufant Cornerback 81

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. Jacksonville isn’t just pretending, they’re in deep REM sleep. A young nucleus could provide an intriguing challenge to Dynasty Users who like rebuilding, but there is some serious construction required. Nearly every position outside of Running Back needs attention.

Tennessee Titans

Offensive Strategy: Run. The. Ball. Chris Johnson is a Madden stud. He possesses the rare combination of raw speed and power that make him nearly unstoppable in this game.

Use him to setup play-action to Kenny Britt when you catch the defense cheating up to stop the run. Locker is not a great Madden talent, but he’s a danger to tuck the ball and run.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Chris Johnson Running Back 87
Jake Locker Quarterback 77
Kenny Britt Wide Receiver 83

Defensive Strategy: The Tennessee defense is noticeably better than their offensive counterparts, possessing plenty of front seven speed to get after the quarterback.

Be aggressive with your Linebackers and try to force errant throws and turnovers.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
KamerionWimbley Defensive End 82
Michael Griffin Safety 78
Jason McCourty Cornerback 88

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. CJ2K is nearly enough to tip the scales for the Titans into contender territory, but the overall lack of playmakers on the rest of the team holds them back.

Tennessee is by no means “bad”; they just fail to produce serious talent in other critical positions. Fantasy Users should consider upgrading the Quarterback position immediately.

Madden NFL 25 AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

Offensive Strategy: Pick your poison. Any team with an elite running back like Ray Rice is going to have options on offense. Either pound the ball with Rice, or use the play-action fake to go over the top.

Though Baltimore lost one of it’s deep receiving threats to San Francisco in AnquanBoldin, they still have a potent passing game with Flacco to Torrey Smith.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Ray Rice Running Back 94
Joe Flacco Quarterback 93
Torrey Smith Wide Receiver 85

Defensive Strategy: Be Baltimore. The defense lost a bit of its identity with the retirement of Ray Lewis and the loss of Ed Reed to Houston, but they’re still scary good.

The linebacker core picks up the dangerous Elvis Dummerville to provide a potent pass rush alongside Suggs. The personnel is still built to be aggressive, so take advantage of it.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Terrell Suggs Linebacker 89
Elvis Dummerville Linebacker/DE 83
HalotiNgata Defensive End 94

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. Most teams can ill afford to lose the type of playmakers that Baltimore lost during the offseason, but they remain immune.

Playmakers are still found all over this roster and they help keep the Ravens in the upper echelon of Madden teams. Dynasty Users should continue backfilling talent to the skill positions.

Cincinnati Bengals

Offensive Strategy: Air it out. AJ Green is an elite Madden receiver and one of the best deep threats in the game. Quarterback Andy Dalton lacks the attributes to take full advantage of such a wideout, but the combo is still a dangerous one.

Look to go vertical often, especially with a rookie Running Back that fails to impress in Madden 25.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
A.J. Green Wide Receiver 94
Andy Dalton Quarterback 84
Giovanni Bernard Running Back 75

Defensive Strategy: Aggressive. Every level of this defense contains top-tier talent that will disrupt any offense. Feel free to release linebackers on blitzes with such a sustainable Secondary backing you up. Former rival James Harrison rounds out this elite defense that is one of the best in Madden 25.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Geno Atkins Defensive Tackle 97
Margus Hunt Defensive End 70
James Harrison Linebacker 86

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. The Bengals are deceptively good and will surprise a lot of people in Madden 25. A top-tier defense and an elite wide receiver make up for a mediocre Quarterback and running game. If Dynasty Users address those two shortcomings, Cincinnati could quickly become Elite.

Cleveland Browns

Offensive Strategy: Pound the ground. The power running game is about all the Browns have going in their favor on offense, and even that isn’t saying much.

Trent Richardson is better than average, but opposing defenses know that the air threat is minimal and key in on him. Having success can potentially open up the play-action pass, though Brandon Weeden leaves a lot to be desired.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Trent Richardson Running Back 87
Brandon Weeden Quarterback 76
Josh Gordon Wide Receiver 81

Defensive Strategy: Cleveland’s defense is its’ strength and is deceivingly dangerous. There are no glaring weaknesses for opposing offenses to exploit and the pass rush can wreak havoc.

With cornerbacks who are rather reliable, feel comfortable releasing linebackers to blitz on passing downs, aiming for turnovers.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Joe Haden Cornerback 91
Barkevious Mingo Defensive End 76
Desmond Bryant Defensive End 88

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. The utter lack of a downfield threat allows for opposing defenses to stack the box against the run. Once Richardson is neutralized, so go the Browns’ chances of winning.

A solid defense will keep many games close, but points have to come from somewhere. Dynasty Users should look to add another receiving threat as soon as possible.

Pittsburg Steelers

Offensive Strategy: Air it out. Wait… this is Pittsburg? Yep, air it out. We’re moving further and further away from tradition with this years Steelers’ squad.

Roethlisberger is a great Madden QB and he has quite a few reliable options at receiver. Use the heavy passing attack and underneath screens to open up a running game that shows a slither of promise.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Ben Roethlisberger Quarterback 92
Antonio Brown Wide Receiver 86
Heath Miller Tight End 88

Defensive Strategy: This is one aspect of Pittsburg that hasn’t changed. BLITZ! There are playmakers all across this roster on defense and you can cause some serious issues for opposing offenses.

Losing an aging James Harrison would cripple a lot of teams, but with the linebacker core in Pittsburg, they’ve hardly missed a beat. Send them on the 3-4 Blitz at will.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Troy Polamalu Safety 95
Lawerence Timmons Linebacker 91
Lamar Woodley Linebacker 87

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. With a better running game, Pittsburg would be back in serious title contention. Losing Mike Wallace certainly doesn’t help their case here.

An elite defense and top tier QB, however, make them a serious force in Madden 25. Dynasty Users should consider a veteran running back and possibly upgrading an aging defensive line.

Madden NFL 25 AFC West

Denver Broncos

Offensive Strategy: Classic air raid offense. Peyton Manning has been an absolute beast in Madden for as long as we can remember, and Madden 25 is no different.

The addition of Wes Welker provides a reliable target that you’ll find yourself going to time and time again. The Bronco’s lack a serious ground threat, but with Manning at the helm, that has never seemed to matter.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Peyton Manning Quarterback 97
Welker / Decker Combo Wide Recievers 93, 87
Knowshon Moreno Running Back 76

Defensive Strategy: It’s strange to think of the defense as the major strength of a team with Peyton Manning, but here we are.

Von Miller is one of the most destructive forces in this game, and being flanked by two of the best Cornerbacks almost makes things unfair. Every level of this defense is top-tier.

Enjoy having your choice of coverages.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Von Miller Linebacker 97
Champ Bailey Cornerback 93
Dominique Rodgers-Cro Cornerback 79

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. The only thing holding Denver back from an Elite rating is the lack of a running threat. Opposing defenses can (do their best to) key on Manning and the receivers, sinking back into coverage and limiting the big play.

The Broncos defense would make this team a contender alone. Dynasty Users should upgrade the ground attack as soon as possible.

Kansas City Chiefs

Offensive Strategy: It goes against the Andy Reid playbook, but run the f*&%ing ball! Jamaal Charles is an elite Madden Running Back and can be used effectively to setup the play-action pass.

Alex Smith is underappreciated in the NFL, but has a very favorable skillset for the Madden game. With a deep threat like Dwayne Bowe being at his disposal, the Chiefs have a deceptively potent offense.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Jamaal Charles Running Back 94
Alex Smith Quarterback 87
Dwayne Bowe Wide Receiver 88

Defensive Strategy: Coverage! The Chiefs have a tremendous Secondary, with playmakers sitting on every level of the defense. This gives you the luxury of taking chances off pressure or sitting back and letting things unfold in the zone.

The pass rush can be hard to come by in Kansas City, so having this formidable Secondary is a blessing.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Eric Berry Safety 88
TambaHali Linebacker 89
Brandon Flowers Cornerback 94

SegmentNext Rating: Contender. Perhaps the surprise of the ratings here! The Chiefs haven’t been able to pull it together on NFL Sundays, but in Madden they have all the tools necessary to be a serious force.

Dynasty Users should try to bolster both front lines immediately.

Oakland Raiders

Offensive Strategy: Pound the ground. Darren McFadden is what makes this offense go, and the lack of a serious passing threat can cause him some problems.

Try to open up the air attack by drawing defenders into the box with the running game. Oakland has some weapons through the air that at least give the opposition pause, but Matt Flynn is hardly threatening with his arm.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Darren McFadden Running Back 87
Denarius Moore Wide Receiver 82
Matt Flynn Quarterback 78

Defensive Strategy: Coverage. The Raiders have some studs in the Secondary, along with a few hidden gems on the second level, but the front line leaves a lot to be desired.

It can be difficult to stop the run with this group, so be ready to grip the controller in frustration as teams control the clock. Try to trust your corners and overload the box against the run.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Charles Woodson Safety 85
D.J. Hayden Cornerback 78
Vance Walker Defensive Tackle 81

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. There isn’t a lot to like about this team. Darren McFadden will keep you in games, but the defense is prone to blowing almost any lead. Dynasty Users who like a challenge will have fun with Oakland, as almost every position needs attention.

San Diego Chargers

Offensive Strategy: Air it out. The Charger receivers are nothing to write home about, but they have the benefit of Phillip Rivers throwing them the ball.

Rivers remains a stud in Madden 25, only eclipsed by all-pro Tight End, Antonio Gates. While he struggles to break big plays, Ryan Matthews is a serviceable Madden back who can be used in heavy doses when the air game is clicking.

Impact Players – Offense
Name Position Rating
Phillip Rivers Quarterback 84
Ryan Matthews Running Back 82
Antonio Gates Tight End 87

Defensive Strategy: Wreak havoc with your front seven. San Diego picked up Dwight Freeney in the off-season, who remains a Madden beast.

The Secondary is just barely good enough to hold their own without the added assistance of regularly dropping linebackers in coverage. This gives you the freedom to send an extra blitzer on passing downs.

Impact Players – Defense
Name Position Rating
Donald Butler Linebacker 85
Eric Weddle Safety 96
Dwight Freeney Defensive End/LB 85

SegmentNext Rating: Pretender. There is nothing spectacular about this years Charger squad on Madden.

If you drawl an opponent with a weak Secondary, Rivers may have enough in the tank to pull out a win, but the lack of a serious ground game keeps expectations low. Dynasty Users could upgrade almost every position on this team.

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