Madden NFL 21 Passing Guide

In this Madden NFL 21 Passing guide, we will look at all the passes that you can make in NFL 21. From low to high, from touch to lob and onto a bullet pass as well as some minor throws.

We will discuss the controls of throwing these passes and in what situation a specific pass can be beneficial. Let’s get started:

Madden NFL 21 Passing

There are several passes in this game and if you want to truly master this game, you would need to learn the mechanics of every one of these passes.

There are certain skills associated with each pass and learning them would make you unbeatable in the game. Every win would come as easy to you as sunlight in summer.

In order to know which pass to use at any point in the game, you will need a lot of practice. But once you have gotten a hold of it, victory is written.

Two possible control schemes can be used to play this game and we will discuss Madden NFL 21 passing controls for both these situations.

Touch Pass
In order to do a touch pass, you just need to pick a player and select whoever you want to pass it to.

Press R1 on PS4 and once you pass it press R2 and hold it there and your touch pass will be executed. In the case of Xbox, the controls would be RT and RL.

So just press the receiver button two times and you would be able to perform a touch pass.

You will have to keep in mind the guard and safety of the ball while passing as the speed of the pass in slow and when it is this slow it has a lot of air time.

This causes it to rise a little and even the ones facing the quarterbacks cannot deflect it. This would be best to use if there is adequate space between leading and bottom.

Low Pass
For a low pass press L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox and after that tap the receiver button.

This is a really simple pass and if accurately thrown, it can be very helpful in certain situations.

This pass will be approximately at knee height which means that this pass can be overturned.

Being simple doesn’t mean that this is an easy pass to pull off perfectly; you will still need practice for it.

If you use the pass, the player who receives it will be able to touch down really quickly, my advice here would be to not stroll any yards.

It is possible that the pass is knocked down if you are batting for the ball and it can be blocked if you are away from the quarterback.

If you want to pull it off perfectly; you will need to be parallel to the scrimmage line.

High Pass
For a High Pass, all you have to do is hold LB or L1 for PS4 and Xbox respectively and throw it to the receiver. It will give the ball a little bit of a Lob.

Make sure the Quarterback throws it at a nice rate. It can be tougher in the end zone but you have to try your best.

The receiver will be able to get to the ball easily because of the long pass-time and it would make it easier for him as well as the defender.

The streaking receiver should be completely open and the pass should be made if there is no cover on the leading player.

A good receiver will make this pass impeccable as it is only possible to deflect this at the receiver.

Bullet pass
This is like a High pass but faster. In order to throw a bullet pass you will have to press and hold the receiver button.

It is called a bullet pass because of its speed. It can be caught by the other team because of its height being approximately equal to the chest.

When using this pass you would need to make sure that the event coverage is not very wide.

Also, do not go for bullet passes unless you are sure about it because they can be intercepted and overturned.

An example of a situation where the bullet pass would be beneficial is when the receiver is running down the line of scrimmage and is within a range of a number of yards and no one is among you and you have a clear shot at the receiver.

Other passes
There are other minor passes, like the lob pass for which you just tab the receiver button, then we have the Scramble and for that, you need to use the L stick and R2 or RT for either platform.

Another pass example is a pump fake that works when you double-tap on the receiver icon and if you press R stick, it will just throw the ball away.


Now that you know all these passes you need to practice in order to perfect them.

Only use the pass intended for that situation, don’t keep using the same pass again and again because that’s just a recipe for failure.

Using the correct pass each time will secure your victory.

Take a look at other team’s weaknesses and exploit them using the pass that they cannot handle.

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