Madden NFL 21 Best The Yard Prototypes Guide

This Madden NFL 21 Best The Yard Prototypes guide for The Yard will make your selection easier by uncovering the best prototypes along with the details of why they are regarded the best ones.

Selecting a proper prototype for The Yard in Madden 21 is in fact a very challenging decision since one wrong mistake can lead to major losses.

Madden NFL 21 Best The Yard Prototypes

The prototypes in Madden 21 work as skill trees and you will have the chance to max out your prototype.

This is perhaps why you need to select a proper prototype so that you can be a future hall of famer after you have maxed up the prototype.

Here are the details of the best Prototypes which you must have a look at and select one for yourself accordingly:

Truzz – Lamar Jackson

Truzz is the first option in the prototypes list and perhaps he deserves to be on the top too. He is the one you can totally rely upon to become a future hall of famer.


The primary ability of Truzz is ‘First One Free’. Plus, his speed and fitness are highly flexible and can be maxed out quite effectively.

Moreover, the accuracy of Truzz, though a bit lesser than his speed and fitness, is also quite good and you can totally rely upon him in this regard too.

Raczilla – Julio Jones

Raczilla is perhaps the human version of Godzilla. With his ‘Rac Em Up’ ability, he will win the RAC catches versus single coverage which is quite an attractive choice for the defensive players.

Furthermore, there are four upgradable slots in power running which relatively makes you the flash of Madden 21.

Brick Wall – Ray Lewis

Brick Wall might not sound good until you know this secret: “Never select Brick Wall for a player shorter than 6 feet in height”.

Yes! If you play the Brick Wall build for players shorter than 6”, you will be easily dodged, and get stomped upon.

This prototype is specifically made for players above 6” since it will then make them super strong in terms of defense.

It is made for linebackers, where it lets you ditch all speeds for strength in tackling.

Jacked Up – Jamal Adam’s

If you want to mix up the offense and defense so that you can stay strong in both fields, Jacked Up is hybrid free safety key to achieving this combo.

As the skills mention, you are going to excel in terms of tackling by quite a good margin while Press and Catch are also right behind the tackling power. Hence, it will make you a very good all-rounder and you will not have to worry much.

Fast Cat Prototype

If you want to be the fastest player on the field, in the yard, we suggest you to try the elusive running back Fast Cat prototype.

He is way too fast to notice who is trying to tackle or catch him up and hence will never be stopped unless the whole opposition team conspires against him.

With his top-notch Finesse running, Route running and Catch abilities, Fast Cat is the prototype we suggest if you want to dominate the fields out there.