Madden NFL 21 Showboating Tips

This Madden NFL 21 Showboating Guide walks you through each and every little detail regarding Showboating that you should be aware of in this brand new upcoming iteration of the Madden NFL series.

Madden NFL 21 Showboating Tips

Showboating is basically a way to taunt or boast in front your opponents as you sprint through the field, making your way to the Endzone or when you’ve scored a touchdown.

There’s no upside to it but you can’t deny the fact that it can be a hell lot of fun.

Showboating has been a feature of Madden NFL throughout the series and in Madden NFL 21, things don’t change much.

Our guide below will get you ready by giving you insight of the mechanics of Showboating before the game is officially launched. So, let’s get started!


When you’re on the field and you want to taunt your opponents, make sure you’re enough distance away from them. You don’t want your showboating to backfire now, do you?

Furthermore, carrying out a taunting move can compromise your player speed. So, showboat only when you’re sure that your opponent can’t stop you from reaching the Endzone.

As of now, we are aware of two different combinations of keys through which you can showboat by performing different types of taunts.

Below we have enlisted each one of them for both Xbox and PlayStation Users!

Option 1: R2 + L2/ LT + R2

Option 2: R2 + L2 + X/ RT + LT + A

The taunts that you perform are totally random but some of the common actions that you may see are;

  • Your player sprints in the most casual way possible, kicking his legs up high in the air and moving his shoulders sideways.
  • Your player holds out his hand with the ball towards opponents, telling them to come and catch him.
  • He may start kicking his legs in the air as he runs or put his arm on the back of his head.

Celebrating that touchdown!

Once you’ve taunted your foes to the full, score a touchdown by diving into the Endzone.

To execute the act, Xbox users need to press and hold LT + X while the L2 + Square will do the trick on PlayStation.

The good news is that once you score a touchdown, you’re in the position to unlock more celebrations.

Well, that’s something worth cherishing, right? The right stick on your controller will allow you to do just that!

  • Hold it up to cause a team celebration.
  • Push and hold it to the left to have the player dance.
  • Hold it to the right to spike the ball.
  • Pull it down to prompt a player-specific celebration.
  • Lastly, trigger a swag celebration by holding the right stick down.

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