Madden NFL 20 Scouting Guide – How to Scout, Tips and Tricks

In our Madden NFL 20 Scouting Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about how to scout in the game alongside some tips and tricks.

If you need Scouting Tips for Madden NFL 20 with a bonus of some drafting tips you have come to the right place. In this guide, you will get the top five scouting and drafting tips for this game. The reason for including drafting tips in this guide is that as you progress through the franchise mode in Madden 20, you are going to lose players to free agencies or retirement, now it is important to replace those players which are easiest if done through the draft.

You would be able to build a well-rounded rooster as well as maintaining it. With this guide, you would be better prepared before starting your draft. So, without any further ado let’s get straight into it.

Madden NFL 20 Scouting Tips

The first thing you need to know about scouting is where you would get your discounts and also where you would be able to earn more scouting points per week.

When you are scrolling through positions while scouting you would notice several positions that only need 11, 7 and 3 points to fully scout as compared to the usual 15, 10 and 5 which would make you save 9 points per player that you fully scout from that position. This might not look like a lot but in case you scout 10 players from those positions, this tip would give you the room to scout for 3 more.

Expert Scouting Coach Package

This will come in handy if you are playing as a coach and is something that you should get as soon as possible. You would be able to see the XP that your head coach earns when you complete goals throughout the season.

If you go the team tab, then to My Coach and then go to Spend Coach XP, you will be taken to a menu where you would be able to purchase the Expert Scouting coach package which will increase your normal 175 per week scouting points to 200, which again might seem insignificant but throughout the course of a whole season these extra points would allow you to fully scout around 15 more players.

Know Your Needs

When you enter your scouting screen you are going to see a position by position breakdown of both your offense and defense on the left side. This will get you a pretty good idea of what the greatest weaknesses talent-wise are and where you should focus more attention when scouting.

IF there are positions with C or lower you should scout early-round player on those positions and the other hand for positions where we have already established starters and good players at, we should scout players at later rounds in those positions if we need to. You should also keep an eye on which players’ contracts are about to end at the end of this year or are gonna retire.

For this go to the franchise hub, then team, click my team and head over to salaries. From there go to years remaining and sort see which player’s contract is expiring this year as well as players whose age means that they are at risk of retirement. This will give you hints where your rooster will stand throughout the season. You should check this weekly so that you wouldn’t end up with just one player in the off-season that you’ve yet to scout.

Sort your Draft Board

With the above tips in mind, when you scout through 450 prospects in front of you, it can be overwhelming. So be sure to make use of your draft board. When you find a player worthy of being drafted press Y or triangle, a star will appear next to that player meaning that this player is now on your draft board.

Now bring up the sorting tabs and open draft board. Every player that you added will be here, press and hold A or X to sort players according to your liking.

What this will help with is once you get into the later rounds is that players that might have slipped and are good values will be at the top of your draft board giving you a better chance of finding better players in the draft. Also, CPU will choose the tops players in your draft board if you are in an online franchise.

Finding Your Fits

This applies to both scouting and drafting which will help expedite the rooster building process off the field and help get the most out of your players. This tip is that they included schemes and archetypes last year which added another layer to team building.

Which was that if a player’s archetype matches the player’s archetype in the coach’s scheme, they would receive an additional XP bonus during weekly training which is going to help them progress faster than if they weren’t a scheme fit. Scheme fits are denoted by a purple puzzle piece icon on the player’s scouting card and the decision to prioritize them should vary by position.

Consider the Value of your Picks

In the first round try to get immediate starters i.e. the players which will contribute to your team right away, the second round should have the same logic but with a bit of leniency so that the players don’t need to start right away but it should still be expected of them in the future.

The third round has the same leniency and it would be harder to find starters after those first two rounds, so now it’s time to find players that specialize in roles that contribute immediately such as the slot receiver or Nickelback with the hope that in a few years they progress into full-time starters.

After that fourth through seventh rounds is when we are going to start seeing diminishing returns. This is a good opportunity to take chances on players that might have slipped in the draft and not necessarily a need but would possibly present a much greater value than a player at a position of need.

This is about everything that we could cover for scouting tips. Let us know if there’s a problem or if we missed anything. Have a great season!

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