Madden NFL 20 Passing Guide – How to Pass, Types of Passes, Tips

If you’re having trouble throwing your ball to your allies, our Madden NFL 20 Passing Guide is here to save your day.

Madden NFL 20 Passing

There are many different types of passes in Madden NFL 20 that you have to master in order to make the best of the game and be a champion. There are a different trick for each and every pass and if you learn all of them alright you can push through the game really well.

Mastering the passing game can definitely lead you to be victorious in Madden NFL 20, and you have to invest your time and acquire those skills. You have to know when to use those pass and also the risks that come along with that throw, you have to keep your offense move down the field as well.

You can practice with each pass type in some of the unimportant matches so that you don’t struggle during important matches.

There are different passes in the game according to the situation and you must be able to read and analyze the situation and use those passes accordingly.

If you have a good idea of how offensive movements work, then it will be a good start for you to understand all those passes well.

Keep in mind that you can only play Madden NFL 20 through a controller either on PS4 or XBOX or even on PC. You can play by using the XBOX controller on PC, so we will explain the controls for PS4 and XBOX controllers in this guide.

You can make many passes in the game and here is the proper layout and combinations of the controls of each pass with respect to PS4 and XBOX.

How to Throw a Pass

Touch Pass Tap Receiver Button Twice Tap Receiver Button Twice
Low Pass Hold LT + Receiver Button Hold L2 + Receiver Button
High Pass Hold LB + Receiver Button Hold L1 + Receiver Button
Lob Pass Tap Receiver Button Once Tap Receiver Button Once
Bullet Pass Hold Receiver Button Hold Receiver Button
Throw Away R3 (Press Right Stick) R3 (Press Right Stick)
Scramble Left Stick + RT Left Stick + R2
Pump Fake L3 (Press Left Stick) L3 (Press Left Stick)

Touch Pass
This pass is made by simply pressing the receiver button twice on both the controllers. In Madden NFL 20 this pass is slow pass to make and the ball should fit in properly with the linebacker and safety. This pass is quite easy for the offense or defense to catch. They are the most accurate pass you can make. This is a slower pass as you know but it remains more time in the air and goes a lil bit higher as well and they are difficult to deflect even for someone on the face of quarterback. When you have covered the top and below with a good space in between, just go for the Touch Pass.

Low Pass
You can make this pass by holding L2/LT and pressing receiver button along with it. Keep in mind that it is relatively a difficult pass to make because of one obvious reason that it is low. This pass is usually targeted at the thighs and knees therefore they have the greater chances of getting underthrown.

In this pass, the receiver immediately goes to the ground so forget to take any yards while there are very high chances of getting the catch. At the line of scrimmage, the pass has a good chance of getting batted down. Keep in mind that this pass will get intercepted if you are running away from the quarterback. You can get the best out of this pass by running parallel to the scrimmage line.

High Pass
When you are in need of passing the ball from a very tight coverage you can use this pass. As the name says, it is a high pass and it will go over the head of MLB. But if MLB is good and has a good height then maybe he’ll catch it but that’s your option to tackle a tight coverage.

You can execute this pass by holding LB/L1 and pressing receiver button. This pass has a far less chance of getting intercepted than a low pass. If your receiver has a few yards to cover and there is only one defender to tackle, then this pass is your best option and it can be used to it’ best.

Lob Pass
It’s a very quick pass, you just have to press the receiver button once. This pass will take a very long time in the air and it will give plenty of time to both defender and receiver to get in the area of ball. This pass should be made in the situation when there is no coverage on top and your streaking receiver is wide open. It can only be deflected when it is reaching the receiver and if the receiver is good then this is a perfect pass.

Bullet Pass
This is the quickest throw of all and you can make this throw by holding receiver button. This is a very fast pass and there are very highest chances of interception because this pass is targeted at the chest area. Do not go for bullet pass if you have a tight coverage because surely it will get overthrown. But if your receiver is running towards the scrimmage line and is in few yard radius you can go for this bullet pass but only if there is no one in between. Look for a clear path and then go for a bullet pass.

Passing Tips

You have to keep a few things in mind during the practice of these passes as well as while using them. Do not push or force these passes as they will most probably fail. You have to understand the mechanics of passing and throwing in the game. Additionally, you have to see that when you are having a tight coverage try to pass somewhere else and use the right pass as well.

Try to have a better understanding of your opposing team from its quarterback to its defenders you have to take a look on everything and see if the opposite team has any weak area then you have to push and attack through that.

This is all for our Madden NFL 20 Passing Guide. Check out our other guide: Madden NFL 20 Scouting Guide if you can find the time.

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