Madden NFL 20 Face of the Franchise Walkthrough Guide – Choices, Consequences, Endings

Our Madden 20 Face of the Franchise Walkthrough Guide will help you learn everything about endings, all the choices, and their consequences.

Face of the Franchise is the story mode for Madden NFL 20. This guide has been written to help you provide a complete story mode walkthrough of Madden NFL 20, including the several choices you can make with your chosen character.

Madden NFL 20 Face of the Franchise Walkthrough

If you’ve played any of the old Madden NFL, you should know that the NFL has a story mode. The heavily scripted game mode of NFL 20 have you rising up from being a college backup plan to the start of NFL. Here is everything you should know about Face of the Franchise:

As soon as you click the play button for this game mode, you’ll be asked to choose a roster.

You can choose either your active roster: that the game will select from the most recent roster update, or preseason roster: that is a roster from the scratch up. No bars held.

Player Customization

After choosing your roster, you’ll be finally given the chance to make your own character. You can change various different things like skin tone, color, hairstyle, the shape of your head, beard color, eye color, and voice.

College Teams

After creating your first character, you’ll be asked to choose a college team to side with. The college team sticks with you until the NFL national drafts, so be sure to make a wise choice. Here are the teams you can choose:

  • Florida
  • Clemson
  • LSU
  • Miami
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Texas Tech
  • USC
  • Oklahoma
  • Florida State

Starting off the Right Bat

As soon as you hop off the bus in this game mode, a security guard will stop you and ask for your identity. You can reply with your choice of team. This decides what team you’re going to play against.

After getting past the security guard, you’ll be stopped by a female news reporter who wants to know your play style. Reply to one of the four options:

  • Improviser: A trickster quarterback
  • Scrambler: The most balanced option for a quarterback
  • Strong Arm: Is excellent at throwing the ball and making long passes
  • Field General: Fastest QB in the lands. Just pick up the ball and run to the goal!

This affects your quarterback playstyle heavily, so choose wisely.

Personality Draft

After choosing your playstyle, you’ll be asked to choose your QB’s personality. Do note that your personality may define what team you’re going to get drafted in if you ever get in the NFL league. Here are your four options:

  • Entertainer: The flashy player who loves to make a scene.
  • Team Player: Humble yet hardworking. Team’s beloved player.
  • Leader: A leader is a dedicated player that isn’t hated by the media.
  • Intense: The hardworking superstar. Basically a Japanese anime main character.

Locker Room Battle

You’ll be confronted by both the Coach and Isaiah in the locker room. You’ll be asked to either agree with the coach or with Isiah, your team-member.

  • Agreeing with the coach means that your game-plan will be simple.
  • Agreeing with Isaiah Streets means that the game plan will be more complex. There is no wrong answer here.

The Match Starts

During the mid-game/halftime of your match, you’ll be forced to make another choice to win the game. If you’re already winning, you will have two choices:

  • Take all the credit for yourself.
  • Share the credit with your teammates. There is no correct answer here. However, your choices will reflect your gameplay.

Optional – Touchdowns Challenge
After your game, you will be asked by a little girl’s dad who wants you to throw four touchdowns. The task is no easy feat, but apparently, if you’re able to do it, your status as an entertainer may increase.

National Championship

During the mid-match of the National Championship, Isaiah will ask you to give him the ball more during the second half of the game.

You can either agree with his decision to increase team player statistics, or hog all the credit for yourself and do it yourself.

Finally: Combine

The combine is the endgame content of Face of the Franchise. You’ll have to perform well here if you want to be drafted as the number one player in the series.

You’ll be asked to throw the ball like a Bullet Pass to the receiver to the receiver, leading them into the highlighted position.

Another challenge will involve you picking up the ball and running back to your first challenge’s position. Your performance here will decide what team you play for, in the NFL.

Media’s Interview

After successfully completing Combine, you’ll be interviewed by the media with various questions that will increase either of your stats: team player standing or leader standing.

And this is it! If you did all your jobs well, you’ll be rated the number one NFL player and fulfill your dream of becoming the Face of the NFL franchise. Congratulations!

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