Madden NFL 20 Defensive Playbooks Guide

This guide contains all the information you need about Madden NFL 20 best Defensive Playbooks which will help you defend yourself from a touchdown. Here we are going to discuss the top 5 defensive playbooks that will get the job done. These playbooks are in no particular order and here’s how it goes:

Madden NFL 20 best Defensive Playbooks

With so many playbooks in the game, each of these defensive playbooks has something going on for them, there are some which stand head and shoulders above the rest which is what this guide is about.

These playbooks are going to be useful for most of the players out there. You should try to give each of them a go and see what works best for you.

1. Baltimore Ravens

This is a 3-4 playbook and is a fan favorite year after year, this playbook contains the 4-4 split as well which a lot of people also prefer, and it also has really good nickels and dimes formations. One of the best formations in this playbook is the Nickel 3-3-5 Wide formation, a lot of people prefer the regular Nickel 3-3-5 formation, but it is advisable to try out the wide one to.

One of the better formations in this playbook is the DBL A Gap formation, yeah, we know some people think that this one is illegal but it can help you defend then it’s worth it. The Dime 2-3-6 and big Nickel Over G are also note-worthy overall.

2. Detroit Lions

Next on the list is the Lions. This playbook has 3-4 plays and 3-4 plays which is a huge advantage to those who don’t want to get bound by one play type.

This again has some great Nickel packages like the 3-3-5 Wide again, but the 3-3-5 ODD here would be considered as one of the better and rare formations, but overall this playbook lacks in Nickel formations for small pass coverages.

It’s a lot similar to the patriots but with more Dollar formations.

3. New England Patriots

It’s very similar to the Lions and has both the 3-4 and 4-3 formations which helps you in not having to pick up a base defense and having both of them as an option.

This package in comparison with the Lions has more nickel and dime packages which let you have a pass-heavy defense.

4. Cincinnati Bengals

Using this playbook depends on personal preference because if it works for you any playbook could be the best.

This playbook also offers a lot of diversity with formations such as 4-3 and 3-5-5. But what’s different in it is the 46 Normal formation, it is an unstoppable tackle free formation, very memorable from Madden 19. But we all wish that it has the 4-4 formation.

5. Chicago Bears

This is also considered as one of the best defensive playbooks. It doesn’t have secondary defense formations such as 4-4, 5-2 or 46. It just goes straight from 3-4 to dime and nickel formations.

Therefore, if you prefer pass-heavy defenses then this playbook could be the one for you because of it having abundance in nickel and dime based defenses.

Honorable Mentions

In no particular order some of the other good defensive playbooks are:

  • Carolina Panther
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Arizona Cardinals (Best Passing)
  • Oakland Raiders (Best Balanced)
  • New York Giants (Best 3-4)

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