Madden NFL 19 MUT Leveling Guide

Upgrading your MUT team remains as important as ever so you’ll need to know the shortest pathways to success when it comes to leveling up. Since you’ll start of with a rather mediocre team of players, it’ll be up to you to bring in new players to add that flair to your team. Read down below for a full guide on Madden NFL 19 MUT Leveling.

Madden NFL 19 MUT Leveling

Playing the online MUT mode, be it Solo challenges, Solo battles or online sessions, every match you play will earn you with XP that goes into increasing your MUT level which you can find on the top right corner of the MUT main screen.

Campaign Preseason
A decent way of farming XP remains going through the Solo challenges mentioned above. Here you’ll find the Campaign Preseason section to read up on objectives that highlight what you’ll need to do to earn XP.

Within this section, the challenges you get will have variation and will be divided into three main categories: Practice, Team Building and Preseason Game.

These objectives are related to how you perform in matches. Mostly it’s about winning a set number of games, running a certain required distance, performing tackles, scoring a certain amount of points etc.

Cards Pack
Aside from the experience points, you’ll also be able to unlock packs of cards with rare or elite status which will definitely rank up your team level and thus performance.

So on each subsequent leveling up of the MUT level, you receive rewards. These start with a small quantity of MUT coins that you can spend in the store to training packs to full elite and premium player packs.

Power Packs
Within these rewards are also special cards known as power packs. What they do is increase the stats of a certain card by some points. As you unlock more levels, you’ll receive more power packs that will rank up your stat level on the cards even higher up, up to 90 even.

Do note, the scaling goes up each time you level up, making it considerably more difficult to level up on higher levels, so that needs a little more grinding.

Level Caps
There are also level caps, so you won’t be able to max out on solo challenges if you just stick to one level of difficulty. That is why, it’s most useful if you can bring yourself to be able to handle the challenges of a tougher A.I etc.

Solo Battles
Solo battles also work, since they can reward you some decent XP without taking on some harsh CPU opponents. Difficulty is quite linient in this mode. Also once you’ve unlocked the Auction and Trade section in the store, you can purchase players with higher stats which will help upgrade your team.

Go for the more cost effective ones though. Finally, you can try out the Daily Challenges to never get behind in the race to max out on your MUT level!

NFL Epics, Mayfield
NFL Epics, Mayfield, is the one where you start from the two yards line. Set the difficulty to easy and throw slants. Replay the challenge to get 90 EXP. It might take you a few hundred slant routes but you can effectively jump up to six levels in a day.

Baker Epics, Mayfield
You can get a faster receiver and put it on easy and throw a 75 yards touchdown to get 90 exp each time. You can play it over and over again and increase your level faster than ever.

The same goes for Baker Smurf’s Epic mission where you get 110 exp each time you finish it.

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