Madden NFL 19 Longshot Walkthrough

Longshot Mode of Madden has you play through a story of 2 players who want to make it in the NFL. A lot of important choices are to be made and you can use this mode to learn the basics of the game as well as get some very good MUT Cards by finishing it. This Madden NFL 19 Longshot Walkthrough Guide will help you with all of that.

Madden NFL 19 Longshot

There are 3 different acts in the game, and the best tip to remember is that the people who are humble and helpful will be getting the best ending. Of course, it is not similar to real life in the NFL but it is what you need to do in order to be successful in the game. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best decisions that you need to make in order to be successful.

Longshot Act-1

In the beginning, select the ‘Change the Play’ option before completing the 2 button presses to guide the ball to Colt. At the point where you have the conversation with Colt on the road, select ‘have mercy’ and sing along with Colt. Reject his offer to take the photo by the banner so that you can get to the hotel on time.

In the regional combine, hush Colt and then take part in the events where you have to press LT as soon as possible. After that, guide the marker to the receiver and then press the button when the marker is in the green zone. After the events, encourage Colt and go with him to make the throw (this will increase both your standings). Do not make the throw if you do switch positions.

In the next scene, ignore Mario Gonzales and then question the TV bosses as much as you possibly can. When the flashback event triggers, do not worry as it is very easy to do.

Look to your receivers running quick cuts and hit them whenever they cut in. Do this enough times and you will be winning before you know it.

Longshot Act-2

At the start of the second act, select doubt rather than brag and then invite Colt onto the TV Show. After that, select the ‘be polite’ option and then the ‘hold back’ option when dealing with Colt. There will come a time when you are given a throwing drill on the TV Show where you need to hit at least 11 targets.

This is a mechanical game which should not take long for you to figure out. Aim for the blue targets and throw the ball around 0.75 seconds before they are about to come in your aim.

The next challenge that you have to face is the Play Calls. In the first play, the order is Strong I Twins, Flex Dagger, X Dig, Y Shallow, Z Go. The second play has Singleback Ace Pair, Y Stick, X Slant, Z Go, U Flat.

The final play has Gun Bunch Weak, Double Trail, X Go, Y Dig and Z Shallow. After this, you will be invited to analyze some formations. The answers to this part of the show are safety, X and 22.

When the challenge moves to the field, the process is the same as the Regional Combine. Make sure you are moving the left analog whenever you are about to receive the ball since the time given to make the throw will be less progressively. Do whatever you want when you are talking to your coach, but make sure you do not insult or provoke your rival QB outside the office.

When your coach questions you after you are the star on the TV Show, answer confirm, followed by single back and then the X/Square option to end.

After that, there is a play call scene where you have to repeat a formation. The formation is I Pro, Bench, X Out, Z Post and Y Option. When you are surprised by Colt in the meeting, choose accept. When the training scene comes on, select ‘run the ball’ followed by ‘throw the ball’.

When you eventually come face to face with the media, praise team first and then be honest. After that, ‘justify’ is a good option which is followed by the ‘deny’ and ‘hesitate’ options. The final 2 choices in the act are ‘defuse’ and ‘ignore’.

Longshot Act-3

In the third act, the first 2 options are up to you but they should be ‘avoid’ and ‘justify’. Close it out with ‘deny’ and then move on to the flashback games.

Pass through the events (which you should be quite familiar with by now). The first 2 events are not that difficult but the 3rd one is where you will run into difficulties.

What you need to do is to ensure that the player that you are marking does not get behind you. Stop them on the defense and then guide your team down the field using the cut routes.

When you are given the option to fire or reassign Ross, choose to reassign and then defend Julia and Jack. After that, act humble in front of Dan Marino and then complete the throwing challenge.

In the throwing challenge, you may have to knock over boxes, the process is the same as the first act and if you position the button prompt right before the target, you are guaranteed a hit.

After that, you have to play a game with the army. The game is quite easy so you will be able to complete it without having to do all that much. Once you are back with Julia, choose the ‘accept’ option to up your grade and then ‘accept’ the interview with Pat Kirwin. Try to be as honest as you can along with humble in your interview.

Open up at the beginning and then lean on team followed by praising MCCarthy. Downplay your Stardom and then excuse Scmyzniak. In the end, select your ideal team from the list to end the interview.

Season Finale

In the finale, you have to complete a number of challenges both as Devin and as Colt. You have to hold onto the ball in the first challenge which can be done by playing it safe and checking to the nearest receiver whenever you are unsure of what you do. The second challenge is the same as the first one and should not be that difficult to complete.

Third challenge has you taking smaller risks at the start followed by bigger risks as you move away from your own endzone.

The fourth challenge has you scoring a touchdown before the clock hits a single minute. For this one, do not pass the ball to Colt as that will reduce Devin’s chances of being drafted. In the fifth one, you can force the ball to Colt to complete the challenge or check it to the nearest receiver. Check it to have guaranteed completion.

The last challenge will have you playcall. Select whichever play you like and have them revolve around Colt so as to ensure that you are able to raise his standing and get you both into the NFL.

That is all we have for our Madden NFL 19 Longshot Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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