Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode Guide, Upgrades, Squad, Team Management and More

Franchise Mode is the go-to game mode if you want to have a good time playing singleplayer in Madden NFL 19. We will be giving you a complete overview of this mode through this Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode Guide which allows you to take control of an entire franchise and run your career all the way to the end.

Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode is changing considerably as compared to previous iterations e.g. instead of individual traits, players will now get skill buckets that will affect a specific player attributes and its nature. Let’s dive deeper in this mode.

Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode

The main purpose of the Franchise Mode is to have your very own franchise and lead it to the Super Bowl before winning it. You can choose to be either a player, coach or owner and each of them have their own positives and negatives.

Once you have set up your franchise, here is what you can do in order to ensure you get off on the right foot.

Be a Player

You can be a player for any team that you want. You control a single player who is a rookie and you work your way to the top. This is a quick way to play as you will be able to simulate games that you are not playing in. You can set up your player at the start and give it an archetype which decides its starting attributes.

One of the fun things that you can do is have a character whose stats are completely different than his body, a fat guy running really quickly or a thin guy being extremely strong. You will have no control over the organization as a player and your teammates may perform badly. You can also be Devin Wade in this mode if you complete the Longshot: Homecoming.

This mode has no endorsements, charity, career ending juries and suspensions. You can switch between teams and your main purpose is to do as well as you can as a player. You will be forced to retire at the 15th season.

Be a Coach

This is like a Season Mode. You have full control of your team as you are the coach and the manager. You can send scouts, negotiate contracts and resign from teams to join another. You can either become an established coach or create a coach from scratch. You can also edit the playbooks and will be free to do what you want.

You can also play as the entire team if you want or you can just decide to play the key moments to have a short but sweet experience. You can also choose to play as a GM where the entire game is simulated and you only perform the off-field decisions.

Be a Owner

As an owner, you are in complete control of your team and its finances. You can set your backstory to have more money as a financial mogul or more fan support as a player or a fan.

The best way to be better off is to have the fan status as it will keep people coming to games even if you are losing. This has all of the benefits of the head coach position but you also have to find all of the sponsors and manage the flow of money into and out of your franchise.

Schemes and Player Upgrades

Schemes are essentially the way you want your entire franchise to behave and the direction that it has to follow. You cannot access this feature if you are a player, but you can change the scheme of all players to have better bonuses in weekly training among other benefits.

Some players fit into your scheme while others do not, and it is best that you have a scheme that is able to fit as many players as possible.

A player can fit into multiple different schemes, and you can experiment to see which scheme works the best for you overall. You can also upgrade your players if you want by earning them XP through the weekly training program.

You can decide manually which attributes to upgrade or you can decide certain types of attributes to take priority.

You are not required to train the players with a certain archetype but you can put points into other characters. Eventually, you can outright change the archetypes of the players by training them hard enough in different stats. You can also go against their schemes although that is not the best idea.

You can also use XP Sliders to change the amount of XP that is earned every week. You can experiment with the game during the first season to find out which of the settings work best for you.

For example, you will not be able to get enough XP into your offensive line unless you play the full 15 minutes. The Sliders are up to you and you can use them to make this mode very easy or very hard!


Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode also allows you to have extensive management options. You can use the weekly training to have your players stay in shape and grow in order to become superstars.

You can either do it yourself or simulate it. In the player mode, you will take part in drills based on your position. As a coach or an owner, you need to manage the training for your entire team, botht he offense and the defence.

You can play the training yourself to ensure your progression is in your hands, or simulate it. You can restart it as many times as you want from the menu in order to ensure you get the maximum amount of XP.

Your game plans impact the XP too as they gain XP when you run your game plan. Playbooks will appear as green on the play which you have practiced on.


Contract Negotiating only matters if you are a coach or an owner. You are essentially given indicators on what the players want and they tell you outright whether they want more length, salary or bonus.

You can see the fair offer for the players and start negotiating instantly. More established players will want way more money than just a fair offer whereas younger players and people who are mid-tier will probably be okay with receiving what they deserve.

You can only offer a contract once per week but you can cancel negotiations if you need to research further on what kind of a player you actually want. As a coach, you do not have to worry about your current funds but the owner does need to watch out.

You will need to balance between having good players and renovating your stadiums etc. The bonus money is taken out of your funds all in one go but you can go to negative funds if you are resigning your players.

Salary Caps

This is to ensure that well-funded teams do not go miles above all of the other teams. You only need to worry about it if you are a coach or an owner. You can also disable it in single player modes so that to have complete freedom. The salary of a player is based on his skill and his positions along with the experience that the player has.

You need to stay behind the cap which you can see in your team panel by selecting Salaries. The Cap Space is the main pointer as it lets you know how much more money you can spend. You can remove players to have to pay their bonuses which causes your cap to decrease, but it will have a positive result for your salary cap in the long run.

However, make sure you do not release a lot of players in the same year or you may have to recover from a serious financial strain.

Some players do not have any bonus money such as those who have been signed as late-round picks in the draft and you can release them whenever you want. You do not suffer a cap penalty if you trade your players.

Your salary cap increases with each year and the engine always likes to have real-life players over the fictional ones. The salary cap starts to matter less and less the longer you play the game. Lastly, injured reserve players’ salary cap is returned to you without any penalty.


Your finances are not really that expansive as you can never go bankrupt and players cannot be voted out of ownership of a franchise by a board. You can see your finances in the My Owner tile and selecting finances. You can see your profits and the places where the money is being spent.

Fans will be spending more money when you are losing unless you overcharge for an item.

You are given advice on how to price items and all of the franchises have a roughly equal market although the amount of people in a state allows those franchises to be able to charge more money due to having a larger demographic to cater to.


Like the previous games, the Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode Guide also has extensive options for you to scout if you are a coach or an owner.

You are given scouting points and that is the time your scouts spend watching college players for The Draft. Points not spent are halved and carried over to the next week.

You can scout any rookie up to 3 times for 15, 10 and 5 points. Once you have seen the top talent (which is an estimate by the coach and not set in stone), you can use that information during the draft to acquire those players.


You can disable injuries if you want. However, if you do enable them and want to account for them, remember that some of the players could have injuries lasting a couple of games or occasionally more.

Players are placed on the Injured Reserve List if you want which means they cannot play for the rest of the season but they do not count towards the salary cap.

Doctors may clear a player to play when he suffers an injury during the game and you can make him return. It is still best to have a substitute as you may aggravate the injury.

If a highly paid player is not performing, you can bench him to the IR when he gets a minor injury to get his money back and use it for better purposes.

The Draft

Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode has an extensive Draft Mode which allows you to pick rookies from college players. Teams are allowed to choose player’s in reverse order of their past success. Your scouting is used to decide which of the players you want.

You can prepare by thinking about the round during which a player may be drafted and using your information to see if you should get them before that round or leave them be.

There is a combined grade of a player out of 10 which judges the athleticism of the player. You can see it on their player card of how that rating is broken down into different stats.

A player which has a low combined grade but is still ranked well when compared to other players who are in the same position should be selected. You can make each player a decent one at the very least with enough training.

Some players may skip the combine round so that you do not know about their athleticism, but you can still see their tackling and passing. This is a risky move which may end up paying off really well, or really badly.

Tips and Tricks

Sign free agents and then flip them to teams through manual trades to get easy draft picks. You need to do this before week 8. Remember that players lose their value in their late 20s so plan ahead to get max value for them.

Expert Scouting is one of the best upgrades you can have to add more scouting points. After that, you can increase player weekly goal XP. Negotiate contracts before the end of the season as the players might leave for a free agency if you do not.

You can reduce the decrease of older players’ stats by switching schemes, focusing on them or purchasing a progression XP boost. Do not neglect training as it will take its toll and other teams will surpass you.

That is all we have for our Madden NFL 19 Franchise Mode Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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