Madden NFL 19 Defense Guide – How To Read, Defensive Strategies

When you’re not always looking for a touchdown, when the clock is running out and you’re holding onto your lead, it’s best to use defensive measures to get the best possible result. Our Madden NFL 19 Defense Guide will help you know the ins and outs of the defense mechanism of the game including interceptions, tackles, and formations that favor this aspect of the game.

Madden NFL 19 Defense

Before anything else, you need a good defensive system or formation to keep your team going. This is why you should always keep the Enhanced option turned on before heading into any match. What this does is give you more prompts and options for your defense while in the match.

Whenever you’re trying to intercept the ball, press the B/Circle button to switch to a teammate or a defender that’s near the opponent who has the ball. You can choose to intercept the ball while in the air as well by pressing the Y or Triangle button for a high catch in the year, or the safer swat interception option with A/X button.

The game is also lenient when it comes to the catching attribute of the player and would still allow him to retrieve the ball from the air if the interception is made at just the right moment. So time your button presses precisely.

Tackles can be made when close to a player and pressing the X or Square button. If you really want to bring down the player completely, flick the right stick in the direction of the opponent to do so. This is usually a hard tackle. Avoid getting stopped by players on the opponent’s side; simply press the corresponding buttons that appear on the screen.

Even when you’ve got the ball via an interception, it’s best to first have some control over it otherwise you risk of fumbling it and thus handing possession back to the opposition.

If you’re not so confident with handling the ball, take it down with yourself on the field. Don’t start an offense just yet since possession is the first step to any attacking opportunity, so prioritize that.

Defensive Reads and Strategies

There are some common and well known defensive plays in the game. One of these is the man-to-man coverage or simply man coverage. In such a play, you will assign certain defensive or linebackers to run back, tight end or a wide receiver. The assigned players will remain close to the offensive counterparts till the end of the play.

If you notice that the players are not covering your teammates and are rather spread, it probably means they’re going for a zonal defensive play. This is kind of a hard knuckleball approach where you have to assess your reads and play accordingly when in the offense.

Now a key aspect of a defensive strategy is the use of the blitz tactic. As most of you will know, this a pressure play on the quarterbacks by many numbers on the defensive team rushing and swarming the quarterback on the offensive team. This will lead to the quarterback making rushed and inaccurate passes or get tackled and lose possession. This should be your go-to strategy in most of the matches.

Regarding routes to be taken, you may benefit from formations like the Drag or remaining in the inside zones. A new change that has been introduced in Madden NFL 19 from previous games is how zone coverages work. In earlier entries, players (AI or otherwise) with rating 91 and above will have intercepted balls as soon as a quarterback would have thrown it. This is not the case now in Madden NFL 19 as only players having a rating of 99 or above can achieve that feat consistently.

A new defensive formation that has been introduced in the game is quite decent as well. Called the ‘Big Nickle’, it can be found in almost all playbooks. This formation has given defensive backs instead of the usual four, with the extra one carrying out the job of both the linebacker and the cornerback.

Thus, this hybrid defender can perform runs as well when a counter-attack opportunity arises. Do make sure, that you put the player with the best defensive abilities and stats in the slot position since this is a crucial one.

Another good defensive formation or set up would be to have a 4, 3 pair in the Wide 9 area and having an inverted Cover 2. Aligning the base also works well here and generally as well since it will help you disguise your coverage and defense formation keeping the opponents guessing.

Next, crash the D line using the left bumper or l1 and then move the right stick down simultaneously. You also need to have all linebackers in a single zone. Do that by pressing LB and then move the right stick up. Finally, you’ll need to put a Middle Left Back in Deep Blue zone. This will ensure a sound defensive tactic.

Lastly, if you’re not looking to gain possession or start an attack of your own, when the clock is ticking, your best bet is to prevent the opposition from scoring a touchdown.

Although some plays in the Dime and Quarter formations will go all in to prevent the touchdown, other plays will mean you have to manually input commands to make sure you’re getting the better of the opposition.

Simply press buttons: L1 or LB > Up > R1 or RB > Up > Triangle or Y, in the correct ascending order. This will allow your defensive options to be more open and spread apart to not allow for touchdowns to happen.

This is all we have in our Madden NFL 19 Defense Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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