Madden NFL 19 Beginners Guide

We’ve compiled all the tips and strategies in our Madden NFL 19 Beginners Guide that will benefit anyone starting out as a newcomer to Madden NFL 19. Below you’ll find details including the Online MUT Mode, offense and defense, and all the fundamental features you should be aware of.

EA Sports delivers yet again with a Madden boasting deep gameplay mechanics, lots of content and an addictive online MUT Mode. Since there’s a lot of mechanics at play here, there’s a certain learning curve that you need to get familiar with.

Madden NFL 19 Beginners Guide

Game Modes

Now before you start actual matches, it can be helpful to get acquainted, on the basic level, about what some of the modes in the game really mean for you. For a pure singleplayer experience, you may want to check out the Longshot Mode. It’s a story mode which sees the return of our familiar protagonists from Madden NFL 18 and it’s a branching narrative that sees you trigger different endings by the end.

Franchise Mode is your standard career mode where you can play as a team member and a coach. It’s a fun ride with many events concluding when the super bowl comes up. For a lighter experience, check out the Quickmatch Mode or the Exhibition Mode as it’s called in the game.

Finally, we have the Ultimate Team Mode, the MUT, which offers the definitive online experience. There are solo challenges in here as well, like the Seasons Section but the juice remains the online battles and card purchases.

The auction and trading center is quite an interesting section of the store which lets you collect all the special card sets that you desire.

There is also Exhibition Mode which is basically the quickplay mode of Madden’19. Here you can select any team and play against either other players from the world or against another team of your choice which will be played by the computer.

Exhibition mode is perhaps your best practice ground to check out all the teams, players’ stats and skills so that you can have better understanding of all these qualities. You can also keep an eye of Falcons, Patriots, Seahawks and Raiders to see which playstyle suits yours in order to select your permanent favorite team.

Fundamentals of the Game

You can back out of a play you’ve chosen by pressing the X or the Square key. This will mean you don’t need to reset to perform a play you want.

Upon receiving the ball, holding the button that appears above the receiver will lead to a super-fast pass to a teammate while tapping that same button will lead to the player executing a lobbed pass.

A receiver can change the route or the direction of his run via the Y/Triangle button of the controller. Now with a button for the receiver, you control the direction you want the player to head in.

While on a run, keep holding the right bumper to allow the player to avoid tackles and keep hold of the ball. Using the right stick will also serve the same purpose.

Finally, when it comes to dodging and getting out of harm’s way; press the B or the Circle button. This will allow your player to roll over and get around defenders quickly and push to the touchdown line in no time.

When it comes to defending, you need to make sure to have the possession back as quick as possible before some real trouble starts. Press the ‘B’ button to switch to one of your defenders near the opponent who has the ball.

Ball in the air can be intercepted with Y or the A button with the latter working for swatting options. Tackling works through the X button or flicking with the right stick.

Playing your Way

When it comes to actually play in a football match, it all depends on your own playstyle and how you’d like to go through the matches. Owing to your playstyle, you can thereafter choose which teams will be suitable e.g. if you’re more focused on running the ball, maybe you should check out The Cowboys or even the Raiders since they have players with good ‘Speed’ attributes.

While for a more pass-oriented game, choose the Falcons. Therefore always check the stats of the team you choose. Some teams will also have certain formations and playbooks that favor one of the many playstyles. Like, the Patriots have an interesting playbook for pass-heavy players.

Another aspect within the match that is quite overlooked is the fatigue level of a player. Players with fatigue will have yellow icons above their head, these will eventually turn red and you’ll have to sub him out no matter how good he might be for your team.

You can sub him back in later after a while, so don’t worry. Alternatively, a timeout will also remove the fatigue of the player.

Clock management is also an important aspect. Whenever you’re close to the end of the game and leading, it’s best to keep possession of the ball and play defensively. That isn’t to say that if you see a chance at breakthrough forward, don’t miss out on the possibility of a touchdown.

Scheming comes into play at the intermediate to advanced levels of the game. You need to stick with the play that is the most consistent and effective.

An idea of the field, the positions of the player and the strategy of the play itself is essential. You can find some unique plays for a given team in the in-game menu. This works like the ‘Tactics’ feature in the FIFA games.

Always go for your money plays, and if you don’t find success in that, choose a different play within the same formation.

Lastly, mix up your plays and strategies. You always need to make sure that you’re one step ahead of the opponent. Make your play as unpredictable as possible and always keep the opponents guessing.

Thing being, masterful players can always read your game and act on it. So keep switching up your plays for the best results.

This is all we have in our Madden NFL 19 Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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