Madden NFL 18 Team Tokens Guide – What Are Team Tokens and How to Earn Them

In order to do well in Madden NFL 18, you need players with amazing stats. There are two ways for this to happen, you can head to the MUT Auction House and buy some expensive players. The other way is to use your Madden NFL 18 Team Tokens and upgrade your players.

Madden NFL 18 Team Tokens come in two types – Silver and Gold. For example, in order to upgrade the Vontae Davis and take it up to an OVR of 80, you’ll need his base card and a Colts Silver Token. But to take him to an overall of 84, you need Gold and a Silver Colts Team Token.

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To get Silver or Gold tokens you need to go back and access the ‘Upgrade Sets’ menu. From there, scroll down to the ‘Team Tokens’ area. Here you will see items sets to unlock Silver, Gold, and Elite Team Tokens.  Each of them requires a set number of cards.

Keep in mind that you can not buy MUT Team Tokens in the Auction House. They also can not be traded on the trade block. You can only get them in packs but chances are slim. The better way is to complete item sets to get the MUT Team Tokens.

It is to be noted that team tokens require a number of cards to be unlocked. Some debate if this method is worth it I say it is better than leaving it up to chance with packs.

So this was our Madden NFL 18 Team Tokens Guide if you have any questions and suggestions take to the comments below.

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