Madden NFL 18 MUT Guide – How to Upgrade Players

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding Madden Ultimate Team’s upgrade system. This Madden NFL 18 MUT Guide provides you with all the required information about not only whom you can upgrade but also how you can do it.

It also provides you general tips and tricks about Madden’s upgrade system so you can get the best out of your players. MUT can be quite complicated at times so reading this guide should help you get a little more familiar with its inner working.

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Madden NFL 18 MUT Guide – Upgrading Players

When you start MUT for the first time, you are rewarded with a team pack that has 2 level 70 players from any team of your choice. One of them plays at offense and the other one plays at defense.

Both of these players are eligible for upgrading if you use the silver team specific tokens. These tokens can be acquired by turning 5 players (60-64) and 5 others (65-69) into a set. All you have to do is to turn in the starter player and the token to get a player that is around the mid-70s level. You can do the same with 2 other players from each team to get your hands on their mid-70s level version.

Before we move forward, it is worth mentioning that players’ overall depends on their core elite’s overall as well. Cowboys Center Fredrick has an 89 core elite overall so his tier 3 overall is 90.

Madden 18 Upgrading Players – Tips and Tricks

The 4 players you upgraded in the previous section can all be upgraded a further 2 times each. You can unlock their tier 2 and tier 3 versions if you have the previous version unlocked. Tier 2 version requires tier 1 along with 5 players (70-74) and 5 players (75-79) and lastly a silver token + gold token, this way your player’s overall should be near the low 80s by now.

Tier 3 is the last tier you can upgrade to, to do it you need the tier 2 version of the player, all 3 tokens (Gold, Silver, and Base Elite). This upgrade gives you 1 point higher overall than the player’s core elite overall and then your upgrading is complete.

One more thing to remember is that when you start the game, an LDT is given to you for free and you can buy packs with LDT tokens to upgrade him 1 point at a time. By the time you get to level 30 the player should be in the low 90s.

This is the end of our Madden NFL 18 MUT Guide to upgrading players. Take a look at our other guides of the game to get a comprehensive overview of the various features of MUT and get a jumpstart to having an ultimate team!

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