Madden NFL 18 Defense Guide – How to Stop the Run, Best Defense, Tips

In this Madden NFL 18 Defense Guide, we will share some important tips and tricks for you to follow in Madden NFL 18. Defense is an integral part of gameplay in Madden and not everyone is good at it. So we have curated this Madden NFL 18 Defense Guide with some important tips that will help in making your defense strong and impenetrable.

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Madden NFL 18 Defense Guide

Madden NFL 18 Defense Guide details everything that you need to know about Defense in Madden NFL 18.

Madden NFL 18 Defense

Match Personnel on Defense

The first thing that you must do is that you must always match personnel on the defense. Wait for the offense screen before you choose your defense. You must see the offense layout before choosing a defense layout because you must match the personnel so that you can easily counter all the offense players.

Such as if your opponent has double offset layout then it means he will have 3 wide-receivers, 1 tight-end and 1 running back. To counter this, you must use your use any Nickleback formation because all Nickleback formations have 3 cornerbacks to counter the wide-receivers and 2 Linebacks to support them.

Similarly, if your opponent has 4 wide-receivers, you should be using Dime or Diamond formation. If he has 5 wide-receivers, use Quarter formation. This way you must match your personnel to the offense so that they can be easily countered.

Always Manually Control a Lineback

Using a Lineback in Madden NFL 18 is not easy and when you are manually controlling it, it gets even worse. As hard as it is, you must practice manually using a Lineback, as it will make your defense really next level. You can use it to block the corners, which the offense is good at, or another route, which he is really beating you at.

When you manually control a Lineback, you will block all the best routes for the offense and the opponent will be sacked easily.

Always Base Align

Another trick to make your defense is always base aligning. When you base align, you will disguise your defense so that it always looks the same. This is a very good trick to use and your opponent will be caught off guard. You can base align on Xbox by pressing y and then right on the left stick while on PS4, you can base align by pressing triangle and then right on the left stick.

Another trick for this is you can also use quarterback spies on the field. If you are dealing with multiple quarterbacks on the field, you can use the fastest linebacker as a QB spy to counter them. To do this, all you need to do is press A on Xbox or X on PS4 and then left on the right stick.

Handling Drag Routes

Now, if you are totally being owned on the field by hard drag routes, what you can do is, you can shade underneath and counter the drag routes. When you play underneath, you will easily counter all the drag routes and they will be useless for the offense. Put some hard flats on the field and see as they make the drag routes useless for the offense.

Avoid Using Stock Formations

This is very important. You must always use custom formations in defense. Stock formations are not very effective in diverse situations so you must use custom formations by keeping many situations in mind. For this, you will need to practice a bit with custom formations.

Try out different formations by randomly changing positions and build your custom formation, which really suits your game style and is effective against most of the offense styles. It will also make you more comfortable with the players that you sent on the field.

This concludes our Madden NFL 18 Defense Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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