Madden NFL 15: Best MUT Players For Offense and Defense

In Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team, whether you’re planning on building up a strong defense or aggressive offensive line-up, these players will most certainly help you out.

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Madden NFL 15: Best MUT Players

From Quarterbacks to Cornerbacks, we’ve jotted down some of the best players that you can sort out to build up a great team.


In Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team, the importance of accuracy and quarterback position cannot be neglected. Where agile quarterbacks tend to enhance your team’s offensive line-up, it’s crucial to set up a decent player at the position.

I’ve provided a couple of examples that might help you in this case.

Russell Wilson
It’s a no-brainer that Wilson should make it to any list – especially after the recent Super Bowl. With his amazing pace, you can be sure to disrupt the other team’s defense line-up. Furthermore, Wilson has an accuracy of 89 which is more than sufficient to make room for extra plays in a match.

Peyton Manning
Another choice that you must consider this season is Peyton Manning. With a deep accuracy of 88, Manning can easily make plays and provide you with seamless throws throughout the game.

The only downside is that he won’t be able to come out of pocket so you’ll have to keep a keen eye on unexpected blitzes.

Drew Brees
I wholeheartedly agree that Brees is not as good as the two mentioned above, but he has certainly made his place among the favorite quarterbacks.

If you’re looking for short passes like 20ish yards, Brees is the way to go. With his short accuracy of 98, you can rely on him not to miss any throw.


Similar to quarterbacks, halfbacks cannot be neglected by any means. With decent HBs, you’ll further speed up the run game which will consequently grant you opportunities for the passing game.

Furthermore, if you could get a couple of decent linemen having high Run Block capabilities; that would be a total win.

Jamaal Charles
Being one of the fastest elite back, Charles is ideal for offense, provided that you give him enough space to the outside.

Defenders that stand a chance against this player are next to none. Having speed of 95 and Juke of 96, Jamaal Charles is definitely to consider in this season.

Adrian Peterson
If there is one item that you shouldn’t do away with in the game, it’s Adrian Peterson.

With a speed of 94 and Juke of 93, Peterson is one of the best HB player card and can really add to your offensive line-up without needing a backup.

Matt Forte
With the perfect attributes, Forte has come a long way in recognizing himself as an elite back. If you’re one of those players who primarily wants to focus on passing, Forte is the perfect guy for you.

With speed of 82 and acceleration of 92, the opponent team will have a hard time going against this guy.


When we talk about defensive line-up of a team, safety player cards tend to add a lot to it. A decent safety can easily control the engagements in the box which will force your opponents to alter their game and taken courses.

Here are a couple of safeties that are worth a try:

Eric Berry
Eric Berry can add to any team’s defense with his raw physical talent. With speed of 92 and hit power of 88, Berry really shines when he is controlled by player.

Definitely a strong contender to consider for an ultimate team.

Jairus Byrd
The biggest highlights of Jairus Byrd are his pace and wide zone coverage of 93. His insane zone coverage allows him to make room for the passing game.

If you’re looking to defend a zone, couple him up with another hard-hitting safety and you’ll be good to go.

Kam Chancellor
Having hit power of 94 and speed of 85, Kam Chancellor is an amazing option to consider – especially if you’re having a hard time stopping the running game.

Furthermore, his decent speed allows him to cover Tes and hit power allows him to protect the mid-field.

Wide Receivers

At top of this post, I posted some of the quarterbacks that you may find useful for your ultimate team, but a solo quarterback is next to nothing without a decent Wide Receiver.

All the WRs posted below have some of the amazing catch capabilities and you should definitely consider them:

Demaryius Thomas
In the ultimate team, it rarely matters with which quarterback Demaryius Thomas pairs up – he will always prove himself. With his speed of 93, it is next to impossible to catch this guy which will work to your advantage.

Dez Bryant
Similar to Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant can also work with any quarterback. With speed of 90 and catch of 93, Bryant can prove to be a nightmare for those who like to throw the ball downfield.

A. J. Green
A. J. Green is one of the most versatile WRs in the game and should prove worthy to those who like medium to long range passing.

Having spectacular catch of 95 and catch of 91, Green can prove to be most frustrating person on the field for the offence. Pair him up with a decent QB and there would hardly be any opposition.

Tight Ends

In any team’s offensive line-up, Tight Ends should get the most attention. These players have the ability to adapt to most styles and play in a various positions.

Ranging from assuming the role of blockers to being great in the passing game, the size of Tight Ends also matters in the field. Here are some options that you should consider:

Jason Witten
Although Jason Witten lacks when it comes to speed, 90 catch in traffic and 92 catch makes him a worthwhile addition to any team. The best use of Jason Witten is to have him as a safety valve.

Vernon Davis
For players who primarily want to focus on the passing game, Vernon Davis is the perfect option. With his speed, there is hardly any linebacker in the Ultimate Team who could compete with him in the footrace.

Having him paired up with any quarterback with decent throwing power and see him making plays.

Rob Gronkowski
Arguably the best all-rounder Tight End in MUT, Rob Gronkowski can even make catches even when surrounded by opposition – thanks to his 94 catch in traffic.

Apart from his insane CIT and speed, Gronkowski can also prove to be a worthwhile addition in the run-blocking game.

Defensive Linemen

A strong front is the most important part of building up a great defense in MUT.

The best idea is to balance the line strength which will allow you to force the offense line-up to make adjustments in their play. I would recommend going for 3-4 or 4-3 scheme, but you can opt for anything as per your preference.

Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn has come a long way in making himself recognize in the elite squad. Quinn has both Power Moves and Acceleration of 95 which can enable him to rush the passer.

Furthermore, he is a really decent player when it comes to passing down.

J. J. Watt
Although J. J. Watt’s great strength is one of his key strengths, he is the perfect guy for both pass-rush and run-stuff – thanks to his versatility.

Being able to play both defensive end and tackle, random guards will have a tough time against this giant of a man.

Geno Atkins
One of the best thing about Geno Atkins is his quickness with 95 pursuit accompanied by power moves. When using Geno Atkins, your primary strategy should be using power moves to sweep past the guards and going for sacks.


When going for LBs, one of the chief things to consider is their positioning. Always remember to position them in such a way that utilizes their ratings and attributes. These players cannot only stop the run game and passing game, but also rush the passer. Here are a couple of best LBs for the ultimate team:

Patrick Willis
Madden NFL fanatics must know Patrick Willis as one of the best LBs MUT has ever seen!

With speed of 88, Willis is able to hunt down the ball carriers and cover sidelines. Another great thing about Willis is his hit power of 93 which can turn the tides in a heated match.

Justin Houston
If you’re going with 3-4 formation, Justin Houston will prove to be a great addition – thanks to his strength and the ability to rush the passer.

With insane acceleration of 92 and hit power of 90, Houston can make big plays and deliver accurate shots to the quarterback. All in all, Houston is most certainly one of the most versatile LBs in the entire MUT.

Navorro Bowman
Unlike Justin Houston, it doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to go with 3-4 or 4-3 formation, Bowman can adjust in any position.

The best position to place the Bowman is right in the center of the defense. His tackle of 95 makes him a pretty good addition during zone controlling.


Throughout the MUT, having a strong secondary can prove to be a backbone of your defense. It is often said that a lockdown lies in the secondary like in the teams like Seattle Seahawks.

It is often hard to find the correct combination of players to form the perfect secondary, but once you get hold of the things, it proves to be worthwhile.

Patrick Peterson
Patrick Peterson is the ideal option for those who primarily want to focus on the man to man defense.

With 92 man coverage and decent speed, the best strategy that one could use with Patrick Peterson is to make him tail the opponent’s WR all the time.

Darrelle Revis
If you’re concerned about building up a great defense, no one can do it better than Darrelle Revis. Despite of the unavailability of insane speed, having 94 man coverage allows him to go neck and neck with any WR in the entire MUT. Have him in the field and you’ll witness opponents thinking otherwise than throwing to his side.

Richard Sherman
There is a reason as to why Richard Sherman has made it to the cover of the Madden NFL 15. This man not only has great speed and coverage attributes, but he is also giant of a man which consequently allows him to match against any WR in the entire MUT.

With one of the best man and zone coverage, Sherman will prove to be a worthwhile addition to your team.

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