Best Young Players In Madden 23

Madden NFL 23 allows you to create your own dream team with a wide variety of players to offer, ranging from older skilled players to younger rookies who have the potential to surpass the greatest players.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the best young players you can pick for your draft in Madden 23.

Ahmed Gardner – New York Jets, CB (OVR 78)

Ahmed Gardner, aka Sauce Gardner, is expected to start his very first season in what’s thought to be the Jet’s Elite draft class. With an overall rating of 78, Madden 23 wouldn’t be inaccurate due to his hype as he’s clearly one of the most exciting defensive backs of the NFL 2022 draft.

Given his young age of 21, Ahmed Gardner is not only a Corner Back (CB) with huge potential, but can also immediately bring light to your team.

Jordan Davis – Philadelphia Eagles, DT (OVR 78)

This 6’6” big man is well prepared to destroy anyone that comes across him on the football field given his massive strength of 96. With a young age of 22, you’ve got your team many years of brilliant defense booked if you’ve got this guy on it.

Jordan Davis played with the Georgia Bulls the previous year and won the national championship, earning him an overall astounding score of 78.

Jameson Williams – Detroit Lions, WR (OVR 78)

Sadly, now that he’s torn his ACL in real life, we might never be able to see Jameson Williams in his prime, but anything is possible in Madden 23!

Jameson Williams is an excellent pick for your team if you’re looking to pump up your passing offense with his incredible catching skill. As an integral part of Detroit, he won’t come cheap though, but will certainly be worth the money.

Though he’s only played for a single season, Madden really reflects his performance on the field with an overall rookie rating of 78. Moreover, due to his young age of 21, he’ll be carrying your team for years to come.

Evan Neal – New York Giants, OT (OVR 77)

Evan Neal, age 21 and 6’8” is one of the biggest guys on this list here not only in size but also in name. Back in college, Evan was the one responsible for anchoring the Alabama offense and did a great job at it, making a name for himself.

It would be wise to follow the New York Giants who selected him for their front line, and trade for him the first chance you get.

With his young age and a strong potential for improvement, Evan is a great choice for an Offensive Tackle (OT) in your roster, especially at the start.

Aidan Hutchinson – Detroit Lions, DE (OVR 77)

In Madden 23, it’s exciting that you can get Aidan Hutchinson to have on your team, considering that he’s made Detroit his permanent home not only in College but also in the NFL.

With the second player from the Detroit Lions on this list, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to start your franchise with it. Due to his astounding performance last season for the University of Michigan, he’s rightly earned a respectable rating of 77 in Madden this season.

Jameson Williams is a defensive beast that can dominate the field for years on due to his young age of 22, which would make him an important asset for your team if you manage to get him, which wouldn’t be cheap.

Kenneth Walker, Seattle Seahawks, RB (OVR 77)

Kenneth Walker starts with a respectable overall rating of 77 in Madden 23. This is due to him being the second overall draft pick after his superstar season last year at Michigan State. He was already a phenomenal player, but after the trade to Michigan, he had the opportunity to really step up his game.

Kenneth Walker can be a great overall RB for your team, especially if you don’t have enough dough to get your hands on Breece Hall.

Derek Stingley – Houston Texas, CB (OVR 77)

Derek Stingley was once considered to have the best potential to get off with the #1 pick in the seasonal draft, back when he was in college. Although that never really came about, Derek still has the potential to be a phenomenal Corner Back (CB) in your team over the years given his young age of 21 and an overall rating of 77 in Madden.

Breece Hall – New York Jets, RB (OVR 76)

Breece Hall’s breathtaking statistics last year playing for the Iowa State landed him an overall rating of 76 in Madden. He concluded his college career with 3,491 yards, 5.5 Carries per game, and 50 carries.

Moreover, he’s made six touchdowns and also has 82 catches for 734 yards. Given these stats and his high rating in Madden, Breece Hall might be the perfect card for you to build your team’s running game around.