Best MLBs in Madden 23

This guide will show you the best middle linebackers (MLBs) in Madden 23 to spend money on and consider adding to your team.

To get the most out of Madden NFL 23, you’ll need a stable team overall. In that regard, you can’t overlook the middle linebackers because they play a critical role in pulling off any victory. So, this guide will show you the best middle linebackers (MLBs) in Madden 23.

Best MLBs in Madden NFL 23

Middle linebackers in Madden 23 must have strength, big hits, and speed on top of that. You’ll want players with all of the aforementioned characteristics to keep the opposition from lighting up the scoreboard.

There are many Middle linebackers to choose from in Madden NFL 23, but some are better than others. To assist you in finding the best players, we have compiled a list of the top 10 MLBs in Madden NFL 23.

Name Team OVR SPD
Fred Warner San Francisco 49ers 87 86
Demario Davis New Orleans Saints 86 83
De’Vondre Campbell Green Bay Packers 87 84
Bobby Wagner Los Angeles Rams 85 83
Devin White Tampa Bay Buccaneers 83 83
Lavonte David Tampa Bay Buccaneers 84 82
Eric Kendricks Minnesota Vikings 83 80
Denzel Perryman Las Vegas Raiders 84 83
Ja’Whaun Bently New England Patriots 83 80
Jordyn Brooks Seattle Seahawks 82 79

When it comes to Middle linebackers in Madden 23, Fred Warner is the best player. He has the fastest speed and overall stats. When it comes to MLBs, he is your go-to guy on any given day. He is the unrivaled king, so make him a part of your team as a priority

De’Vondre Campbell ranks second in terms of speed, but that’s not all he has to offer. He also has well-rounded stats in other aspects, making him a good choice for middle linebackers in Madden 23. He provides 88 tackles, 84 acceleration, and 77 zone coverage which are all above par.

Demario Davis is another good middle linebacker pick in Madden 23. Although his speed is not the best and there are faster options available, he provides the best zone coverage of any MLB in Madden 23. As a result, he earns a spot among the best Middle linebackers.

Devin White is a decent player despite not having extraordinary stats. He has top-notch acceleration and speed. His tackle is also effective. He provides 78 zone coverage, which is the best of any Middle linebacker in Madden NFL 23. He’ll also be inexpensive, so he should be your first choice. Bobby Wagner has somewhat comparable stats, but he will cost significantly more, so Devin White is the better option.

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