Best CBs in Madden 23

The main focus of this guide is going to be to highlight the best cornerbacks (CBs) in Madden 23 who are ideal for your team.

Just like Quarterbacks and Edge Rushers, Cornerback is also of no less importance in football positions. The receivers are usually quite agile and stronger. To tackle them, the cornerbacks covering the receivers must be of that strength too. The cornerback position is the match-winning position and hence is very crucial. So the main focus of this guide is going to be on the best CBs in Madden 23.

Best CBs in Madden 23

In a small fraction of time, the battle between wide receiver and cornerback is won or lost. This means you need to stay vigilant otherwise you can miss the chance. With great cornerbacks, you will be able to suppress the receiver and slow down their release.

If you are not able to decide which player to use as a Cornerback, don’t worry as we have enlisted the top 15 cornerbacks (CBs) in Madden NFL 23:

Player Team Rating
Jalen Ramsey Rams 98
Jaire Alexander Packers 94
Tre’Davious White Bills 93
Darius Slay Jr. Eagles 92
Denzel Ward Browns 92
Marshon Latimore Saints 91
Stephen Gilmore Colts 90
JC Jackson Chargers 90
Marlon Humphrey Ravens 90
AJ Terrel Falcons 89
Kendall Fuller Commanders 89
Xevian Howard Dolphins 88
Byron Jones Dolphins 87
Casey Heyward Jr. Falcons 87
Kenny Moore II Colts 87

Talking about the best cornerback in Madden NFL 23, how can you forget the undisputed Jalen Ramsey with 98 rating? Jalen Ramsey has put up a perfect fight even with the best receivers in the game and emerged victorious every single time. He is big and agile so he seizes everything that comes in his way. With 99-rated zone coverage, 96-rated play recognition and 98-rated man coverage, Jalen Ramsey is an extraordinary fit for a cornerback.

Jaire Alexander is the 2nd star of the show. He has been the best league corner in 2020. His presence makes the receivers lose their nerves.

The same is the case with Darius Slay Jr. with a 92 rating. He is not so famous for crazy interceptions or deflections, but still, he was among the best corners in 2021.


A man with 94-rated speed and 96-rated change of direction, Denzel Ward, is among the very few best corners for coverage. Even though he is not so big but still he does his job remarkably.

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