Mad Max Scrap Farming Guide – How to Earn Scrap Fast

Learn how you can earn more scrap in less time in Mad Max.

In the game, you earn scrap by blowing up cars, killing enemies, and looting enemy camps. The reason as to why you should collect as much Scrap as possible is because of upgrading Max and Magnum Opus.

There are a ton of upgrades available for Max and Magnum Opus which you need to earn in order to render your journey through Wastelands a whole lot smoother.

How to Earn Scrap Fast

In this guide, we discuss some way using which you can earn Scrap faster in Mad Max:

Loot Camps
One of the best ways to have a steady income of Scrap is by looting enemy camps. There is a limited amount of Scrap available in each enemy camp, but once you have conquered one, Max will get some amount of Scrap periodically.

Personally, I think this is one of the best ways to earn Scrap in the game.

Don’t Miss The Scavenger Encounters
Another way of receiving some Scrap is by Scavenger Encounters which will grant you with small chunks of Scrap. In order to acquire some, all you need to do is to inspect area and look for encounters.

Once you have completed an encounter, you will be able to acquire 50 Scrap, but you need to kill the Scavenger if you wish to acquire another 50 Scrap.

Scraps Inside the Storms
If you closely inside the storms, you will be able to make out the Scrap Crates flying inside the storms. All you need to do is to park the Magnum Opus and jump out of the car in order to break the crates.

Do note that you need to break the crates in such a fashion that they don’t go flying lest they will get lost.

Another important thing to note here is that the crate locations will stay marked on your mini-map for you ease.

Scroutes Enemies Scrapulance Vehicles
As the name suggests, these vehicles belong to Scroutes Enemies faction and offers hundreds of Scrap units if caught.

As soon as you see one, you need to chase it down, kill the driver, and drive the vehicle back to your stronghold in order to reap some insane Scrap rewards.

Collect Scrap Pallets
Last but not the least, you will come across Scrap Pallets scattered throughout the in-game Wastelands.

Once collected, each Scrap Pallet will offer you about 50 Scrap Units. Therefore, make sure to hunt them all down and earn yourself a little Scrap on the side.

If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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