Mad Max Camps 100% Completion Guide – Top Dog, Scrotus, Optional Objectives

Mad Max Camps 100% completion guide gives an overview of how to destroy all camps in Mad Max and attain 100 per cent completion.

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Mad Max Camps 100% Completion

In Mad Max, Max can destroy enemy camps in order to acquire scraps and other goodies. It is a good idea to destroy enemy camps because they not only grant him decent amount of scraps, but a destroyed camp increases his scrap count periodically.

In this guide, we have outlined everything that you can do in camps scattered across the Wastelands. WITNESS! The 100% camp completion:

Black Maws Region

Bonecrack Oil Pump Camp
Come in front of the gate, attach the car’s harpoon to the post underneath the sniper to pull it down. Attach the harpoon onto a weaken point on the gate and head inside.

Once you ‘re inside, head left from the main area and then head right. You will come across fuel on the right which you can blow to eliminate enemies or leave it alone.

Jump onto the platform on the left-hand side and collect some shotgun ammunition. Jump down and head left to deal with some enemies. Afterwards, head right to a new area to discover a Scrotus Insignia.

Exit the area and head straight to come across another enemy. Ascend the ravel and head left to find some food. Use the food if you need and head left to find some scrap.

Turn around and travel along the main pathway. Go across the bridge on the right side and head inside the room to find another Scrotus Insignia.

Head inside the room on the left side and collect scrap then head inside the room on the right and collect some water. Once again come out on the main path and head left.

You will see a couple of fuel cans on the right corner. On the left corner, you will come across a War Crier and some other enemies. Defeat the enemies and head inside the gate on the right side of War Crier’s wench to collect scrap.

While facing War Crier’s wench, head inside the room on the left side, but don’t go onto the bridge. Go straight ahead and collect some more scrap and a Scrotus Insignia then get on the bridge.

Kill some enemies and head left for some more scrap. Find water on the right hand side and continue along the path to find some more enemies.

Defeat the enemies along the path and you will come across the oil pump. Check the room on the left side to find a History Relic and at the northern outer wall to find the last Scrotus Insignia.

Get behind the oil pump and spot a crane on the northeast side. Destroy the glowing connector and find a ladder on the right side. Kick the ladder to gain a shortcut to the entrance gate.

While facing the oil pump, you need to head inside the room on the left side to find a fuel can and scrap. Set the fuel on fire and blast the oil pump before heading out.

The Edge Oil Pump
From the main gate, you need to head east, sneak around the mountain, and travel down the narrow path in order to enter the area.

While you are on the narrow path, you will come across multiple fuel canisters on the left side and some enemies on the right side.

After dealing with enemies, head southwest towards the gate and then across the bridge. Once on the other side, enter the right room to collect some scrap and go around the right corner.

Climb onto the path, head left, and enter the room on the first-right to find some scrap before continuing along the path.

Deal with the enemy, head towards south entryway to find a melee weapon and some more scrap. Search a couple of small rooms to find a History Relic and Scrotus Insignia – don’t use your new melee weapon.

Exit the room and head inside the room on the west side to find a Survey Crew Project and some food.

Look to your right and go up to deal with the enemies above and in the entryways before climbing the ladder and finding another Scrotus Insignia and some more scrap on the far side.

Come down and continue along the path across another bridge. Deal with the enemies, break open another gate, and head inside the left room to find some more scrap then use the ladder on the right side.

Continue along the path on the right side and you will come across a ramp. Go down to find an oil pump. While at the oil pump, find a ladder on the right side and find water on the far right side.

You will see an entrance to the spot below the ramp where you will find a Scrotus Insignia, some more scrap, fuel, and a shiv.

Get back to the oil pump, head east, and get behind the wooden structure to find some more scrap, some fuel, and a thunderstick weapon.

Use the ladder on the southwest side in order to find some more scrap, collect a thunderstick, and head east to find Scrotus Insignia which can be destroyed using thunderstick.

Destroy the oil camp and use the yellow line to the east side to exit the camp.

Top Dog Gasworks Camp
No matter what your approach, the first thing that you need to do is to eliminate the sniper. Harpoon the gate and head west to gain entry through a hole in the fence.

You will come across a couple of ladders on the right side, but head left to destroy the Scrotus Insignia. Once this is done, find the Scrapulance vehicle on the southeast side and eliminate any enemies in your way.

Once this is done, you will have to reclaim the stronghold where you will also find a couple of fuel canisters on the west side. Return to the point where you started and climb the ladders to deactivate the flamethrower, find some scrap, and sniper ammo.

Head to the center and then south to go through the gate to come across a small room and find some water and scrap inside. Climb the ladder on the right side, destroy the Scrotus Insignia on the left side and walk up the steps.

Eliminate the enemy to collect the shiv and go up the ladder. Continue going up, kick open the gate, deal with enemies, collect some scrap off the north side, head to the wall on the southwest side, and kill the enemy on the other side.

Travel all the way to the end of the path and deal with a couple of enemies and interact with the valve. Head east to collect some scrap and destroy the crane to create a shortcut.

Walk to the far side and head down the stairs and then up a ladder. Head inside the room to find some food and head left through the entryway to see a Scrotus Insignia and walk down into a small area.

Deal with the War Crier and some more enemies before heading south for remaining Scrotus Insignia, some more scrap, and fuel canisters.

Turn around, head north to find some more scrap and set the fuel on fire to demolish the door and head inside. See right to find a ramp which will get you to a ladder; collect the scrap on left and climb the ladder.

Keep on climbing ladders, collect some water along the path, and you will reach the camp’s Top Dog.

Defeat the Top Dog, loot his body, turn off the valve in the southern and southeast corners before taking the Scrapulance back to your stronghold.

Parch Moon Region

Rook Nest Transfer Tank Camp
Start off by dealing with the sniper and head on the east road. Get to the dead end, squeeze through the crack, and eliminate the sniper on the other side and also notice a zipline in the area.

Use the zipline to head north and pick up a fuel canister. Deal with the first transfer tank and drop down into the area below. Head northwest to deal with some enemies, collect scrap from southwest side, and access the valve.

Head over to the ladder behind the flames and eat maggots for some additional HP. Go up to find some scrap and go left around the cage to find some more scrap inside.

Burst through the gate and head inside the room to find some water and more scrap on the left-hand side.

Continue along the path on the left side to find a History Relic and a fuel cannister. Use the fuel to destroy the second transfer tank, go up the ladder, and see some more scrap.

Head on the path on the east side, go through the container to collect sniper ammo, a shiv, and a fuel can. You will also come across some scrap and a Scrotus Insignia at the left side of the exit.

Come to the previous area and you will come across another container to find some scrap on the right side and some enemies on the left side. You will also find sniper ammo and a shiv on the left side before the steps.

Travel down the stairs and head east to collect some more scrap. You will also find some oil drums between northeast and southeast paths.

Walk near the steps to find a fuel can and ignite it before directing it at the oil drums to destroy another transfer tank.

Finally, head down the southeast path to collect some more scrap on the right and remaining Scrotus Insignia on the left. Head on the northeast path to ignite fuel and blow up the tank and make your way to the last transfer tanks near the yellow locks which must be destroyed to break the tanks and complete the camp.

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