Cheat-Maker Uses Machine Learning To Enable Aimbots/Wallhacks On Consoles

PC has for long been the only platform where players can freely use aimbots and wallhacks in online games. That may however be on the verge of change since there are some new cheats in the wild which can apparently also work on consoles, including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

According to a report by MP1st earlier today, a cheat-maker (name redacted) has announced that something called Computer Vision can “unlock the ability to mod any game on any platform in ways not thought of before.”

Computer Vision appears to be the name of a software which connects to a device of sorts to mod games on consoles. The worrying part being that the cheating software uses machine learning to see what other players are doing on the same network such as detecting their locations.

Computer Vision then sends inputs to the cheater to help them “react to things.” That includes enabling aimbots and wallhacks to auto-lock on enemies and seeing them through the walls. Anyone using the sentient cheat will only have to aim in a general area and leave their controller to do the rest.

“We are on the verge of releasing a new updated Tier System with Advanced Aim Assist,” claims the cheat-maker. “This will allow you to auto aim and lock onto enemies, auto detect weapons for perfect recoil and auto fire for precise headshots.”

Cheat-makers have always been one step ahead of developers, making anti-cheats a subject of constant updates which in all fairness is rarely done. Cheats however were still a blight on PC alone. Them making their way to consoles will make multiplayer communities even worse.

Computer Vision or any cheat for that matter can be detected, but it will be tough for developers to not only have an anti-cheat for consoles but also keep that anti-cheat updated.

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