How To Find Luma Temtem

All that glitter is not gold, and every shiny object isn’t a star but if you find a particularly shiny Temtem, then that my friend is a Luma Temtem. Luma Temtem are the shiny and glittery version of a normal Temtem. In this guide, we will tell you everything from how to find Luma Temtem and how you can farm them in Temtem.

Luma Temtem leaves a trail of bright light wherever they go, and they glow when in a combat situation. Along with that, they have a different color profile as compared to their regular counterparts.

Besides physical differences, there are also statistical differences where the Luma Temtem will have a perfect 50 score in any three stat categories.

How to find Luma Temtem

There are multiple ways by which you can catch yourself a Luma Temtem. The first one is by going out in the wild and running into one.

Once you see a Luma Temtem, just engage it in a battle and slowly exhaust it. Once it is fully exhausted, just use a Temcard to catch it.

The other way is by hatching. Two Temtem breeds and then lay an egg. That egg will have a chance of giving you Luma Temtem.


One of the unusual ways of obtaining a Luma Temtem is by going to the Saipark. Saipark is an end-game location where every week there will be two different species of Temtem filled to the brim.

There is an entry fee to enter the park and normal Temcards won’t work inside this zone and only Saicard will work that doesn’t come cheap. So, this method is only for players with deep pockets.

Chances of Finding Luma Temtem

Luma Temtem are extremely rare to find and catch because the chances of you running into them or hatching one randomly are so low that you stop seeing the point in waiting for one.

The chances of you running into a Luma Temtem out in the wild is 1/8000 which is extremely low.

You can also breed a Luma Temtem and with two non-luma parents, the chances of you hatching a Luma Temtem is 1/6000. With one Luma parent, it will be 1/600 and with both parents of Luma type, the chances will be 1/60.

Tips for Luma Farming

Following are some tips that you can follow to make finding a Luma Temtem easier.

Use a Temtem radar

You can use a Temtem Radar to increase your chances of finding a Luma Temtem. The radar can track the number of encounters you have with the specific Temtem and the higher the number of encounters you have, the higher the chances of you encountering a Luma Temtem.

Be sure to don’t run from an encounter when a Temtem appears because running away from that will break the encounter chain and the Radar will also break. You can obtain a new radar from dojo rematches.

Keep track of fertility

Every Temtem has a limited number of times it can breed so make sure don’t waste it on breeding with a non-luma Temtem.

If you find a luma Temtem, breed them because they will have increased chances of giving you a Luma Temtem.

Trading Luma Temtem

Another way of getting a Luma Temtem is by trading it with another player. Luma Temtem are already extremely rare and the chances of someone just selling it to you or trading it with you are even lower, but this method exists.

There are also marketplaces for selling and trading Temtem where you can buy Luma Temtem for real money.

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