Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Boss Battle Guide – How To Defeat

Tips and tricks all the major bosses in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

You will face many foes as you make your way through the various parts of the mansion. Aside from the everyday greenies and other smaller ghosts, there are always bigger threats.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Boss Battles

There are seven particularly tough bosses you will come across on your adventure. Here is a guide to help you defeat each of these seven bosses, arranged according to when you encounter them.

Gloomy Manor Boss #1A – Confront The Source

Once you start, go ahead and use the strobulb on the spider’s eyes. The spider will be incapacitated for a while, use this time to approach the web and vacuum the loose web.

Bring the loose web near the armor suite with the flaming torch. Be careful, the spider will shoot poison blobs at you. They are easy to dodge as they move in a straight line. Don’t let the web go, it may slow you down and make it hard to dodge obstacles, but letting go will force you to do it all over again.

Once near the armor, the armor strikes down, setting the webbing ablaze. The fire will follow the webbing back to the spider, which will be thrown forward from the impact. The ghost will be forced out. The ghost charges up for an attack.

Dodge it and the ghost will collide into a wall, losing its shield. Use this opportunity to flash the ghost with the strobulb. Use poltergust on the stunned ghost, this will pull in the first layer of the ghost. The ghost flees back to the spider; use this time to hide behind the wall to the side to avoid the spiders charge.

Once the spider breaks the wall and is back on the web, it will start shooting the blobs at you. Little red spiders will also start appearing. Use the poltergust on the chandelier until it is spinning fast enough to reach the webs along the walls and burn them. This will reveal another suit of armor, closer to the spider.

Go ahead and flash the spider’s eyes. Pull the loose webbing to the armor, avoiding the red spiders and blobs. The armor will skewer the webbing on its pike. Spin the chandelier again to light up the webbing. The spider will collapse; the ghost will use the charge attack, use poltergust on it once its shield is down.

Hide behind the wall on the side to avoid the spider’s charge. Now the spider will have gone even further back. Approach the spider, flash it and take the webbing on the right instead of the usual webbing from the giant web.

Take the webbing all the way back to the suit of armor with the flaming pike. Once lit, take the ball of web back. The flaming ball will burn the red spiders but you will still have to dodge the blobs.

Light the web on the left of the spider, revealing yet another suit of armor, you know what to do. Flash the spider, pull the web and light it. Dodge the ghost’s charge and use poltergust once its shield is down and use A-pull to finish it off.

Haunted House Boss #2B – Tree Topping

The staircase boss is perhaps the easiest. Once the fight starts, the staircase does only one attack where it lunges forward and snaps. The attacks are really easy to dodge, you can just circle the staircase and it will never be able to catch up.

Once the staircase launches itself into the air, dodge the attack by using the shadow to get an idea where the staircase will land. When the staircase lands, the impact leaves it stunned.

Pull the rope coming out of the staircase to force the ghost out. Use the strobulb to flash the ghost and use poltergust to suck it. If the ghost starts doing the charge attack, wait for it to crash with a wall and get its shield down, then use poltergust.

When the ghost possesses the staircase again, it tries to suck you in, stay out of range to avoid the attack. Now the staircase will do an additional attack along with the lunges. The staircase shoots blue fireballs at you. They are easy to dodge but keep in mind that they keep burning for a while.

Eventually the staircase will launch into the air. Dodge the attack and the staircase will be stunned, pull the rope to reveal the ghost. Flash it and use poltergust to do away with another layer and the ghost will flee back to the staircase again.

The staircase will do the same attacks but faster. When the staircase does the air attack, pull the rope and get the ghost out for the final time. Use strobulb and poltergust to pull the final layer and a-pull to finish the ghost off.

Old Clockworks Boss #3C – Showtime

The clock boss will pit you against 12 waves of enemies, with the possessing ghost appearing when the hand reaches 4, 8 and 12. Also the minute hand keeps ticking on and you have to defeat each wave before it reaches 12. You can use poltergust to pull it back if you are running low on time. If the minute hand does reach 12, however, the enemies and the rounds will reset.

When the battle starts, the minute hand will do one full sweep as the hour hand goes to 1, it does this every time. You need to stay out of the range of the minute hand to avoid taking damage.

After the sweep there will be a single greenie. Capture it and run out of the range of the minute hand.

At 1 O’clock, you will have to defeat 3 of the same greenies, so far so good. Try to get them all in a single pull to quickly finish the battle.

At 2 O’clock, you will face 5 greenies. Use strobulb if you need to stun them and pull them in.

At 3 O’clock, you will be pit against two slammers. Use strobulb to stun them and suck them in before they recover.

At 4 O’clock, the ghost will make its appearance. The ghost will raise its shield and charges at you. It bounces off the walls of the clock so you will have to dodge it multiple times. Move out of the way and wait for it to bounce and move out of the way again. Once it bounces multiple times the ghost will lose its shield. Flash it to keep it in place and use poltergust to pull off the first layer.

A storm will blow sand over the dial. The sand lowers your movement speed. You have to defeat some beetles that come out of the ground. Stand near where they emerge from and keep flashing each time one appears.

At 5 O’clock the sand is blown over the clock once again. This time you will have to defeat 3 sneakers. You can use the sand to see enemies coming. Stun them if you need to and pull them using the poltergust.

At 6 O’clock, 3 greenies with hammers appear. Get out of the way when any one of them does the spinning attack. Flashing them disarms them, you can choose to disarm all before using poltergust or you can deal with the one at a time, whatever you see fit.

At 7 O’clock, three mummy greenies appear. You have to flash the bandaged greenie to make it charge forward blindly. Once it crashes into an obstacle it falls over, take this opportunity to pull the bandage off and reveal the greenie underneath. Both the walls and the clock’s hands can be used as obstacles.

At 8 O’clock the ghost makes its second appearance. Dodge the charges, flash it to stun it and use poltergust to suck in the second layer.

When the ghost flees, the hands will start glowing. If you touch either of the clock’s hands you will take damage so you have to avoid them while fighting. You will have to defeat some beetles before the hand moves again. Stand in range and flash them as they emerge.

At 9 O’clock, you will face 5 creepers. Creepers are hard to locate, so keep your eyes open as they land to get a rough idea of where they will be. Use the Dark Light to bring them out, flash it and use poltergust to finish it off. Repeat the process on all the creepers.

At 10 O’clock, there will be a lot of bombs scattered over the clock’s dial. Avoid them as they explode after a small delay. You can use the clock’s hands to make them blow up without getting near you.

At 11 O’clock, you will face a mix of most of the enemies faced so far. There will be two greenies, a sneaker, a slammer, some beetles and a few bombs.  Keep avoiding the enemies and take every chance to get rid of one enemy at a time.

At 12 O’clock, the ghost makes its final appearance. Avoid the bouncing charges and flash it once it loses its shield. Use poltergust on the stunned ghost and a-pull it to finish it off.

Secret Mine Boss #4D – Chilly Ride

This boss will have you playing brick breaker, it is one of the easier bosses depending on how good you are at brick breaker.

The first time around, the boss will have 8 blocks shielding it. The shooter can overheat so keep an eye on the gauge at the bottom left. The ice monster keeps spinning so you have to time your shots accordingly.

Keep in mind that the monster moves back each time so you will have to take into account the small delay added each time. Also, if you happen to land a shot in between two blocks, they both will break. If you aren’t quick enough, the monster will regenerate.

Once the blocks are destroyed, the monster will come close and try to suck you in. Shoot a bomb in its mouth to blow it up. The impact will drive out the ghost and create a platform. The ghost does a charge attack, where it also teleports after each charge. Look out for the teleport portal and move to the side accordingly.

Once the ghost lowers its shield, flash it and use poltergust to get rid of the first layer. Afterwards, the ghost makes its way back into the ice monster.

This time around, the monster ahs 10 blocks. Try to aim in the centre to get two or three blocks at the same time. Get rid of the centre blocks as it will get harder to hit in the centre when the monster moves away. Time your shots and get all the blocks before the monster starts regenerating them. Once done, wait for him to get close and throw a bomb in his face.

Dodge the ghost’s attacks and when it lowers its shield, flash it and use poltergust. The ghost flees back to the ice monster for the last time.

This time, the monster moves faster and has 10 blocks once again. Aim for the centre blocks like last time. After destroying all the blocks, throw a bomb in the monsters mouth to draw out the monster for the last time.

Dodge the ghost’s charges and use strobulb when its shield is down. Use poltergust and use a-pull to finish it off.

Treacherous Mansion Boss #5E – Stop The Knightmare

The big boo will start off with only one simple attack, it bounces into the air. It does all three bounces in one succession so it is fairly easy to dodge. After 3 bounces, the big boo will get stunned. Use poltergust on its tongue and do an A-pull aiming for the flaming drill at the end of the train. When the big Boo crashes into the drill it split up into littler Boos.

You have a little time before Boos reassemble to form the bigger Boo. You will notice that the train opens up to reveal cages and targets painted over them. Use A-pull to throw Boos into the cages. Take the initiative at the start of the fight to a-pull multiple boos at the same time and send them all into cages.

After a while the Boos will become invisible, use dark light to reveal them. Some of the Boos will also shoot in certain directions so make sure to get out of the way. Once the Boos reassemble, the big Boo will have a new attack. It sinks into the ground and charges at you.

You have to bait the big Boo to charge at the train. If it hits one of the cages, the Boo gets stunned and you can use A-pull. However, if you bait the big Boo to charge in front of the train and crash into the drill, it will split into smaller Boos. Keep launching the Boos into the cages still available before they re-assemble.

If the Boos reassemble, the big Boo will do the same attack. Once you get all but one small Boo into the cage, the big Boo will stop appearing. Once you get all of them in cages, the Boos will be defeated .

Boss #6 – The ghosts possess two of the armor suits in the background. To defeat them, you have to get both the suits of armor onto a single rug and pull the rug to make them both trip simultaneously. If one of the suits is a bit behind, go near the armor suit already on the rug, baiting it to perform an attack, which will give time for the other suit to catch up.

When both of the armor suits collapse, the ghost appears. Dodge the charge attack and use poltergust to pull in the first layer of the ghost. You can use strobulb to stun the ghost if necessary.

The ghost now splits into three and possess three suits of armor at the same time. Now you have to get three of them to line up on a rug. After all three of the suits of armor trip, the ghost makes another appearance.

This time the ghost leaves behind a widened path with an orb on each side. Stay well out of range to avoid taking damage. The trail will follow along so make sure you are out of the way. Use poltergust to pull off the second layer. The ghost now splits into four and takes hold of a giant sit of armor.

The giant armor has three types of attacks. It tries to stomp you with its feet, it drags its sword across your path horizontally and debris from its movement fall from the sky. Look out for the shadows on the ground to determine where the debris will fall. When the armor starts stomping, try to get its feet place on the two rugs facing each other. Pull one of the rugs and the giant armor will start to fall, pull the other rug and the giant will come crashing down, driving out the ghost for the last time.

The ghost now has an even more widened trail. Stay well out of range and watch out for what trajectory the orbs following the ghost take. Once the shield is down, use poltergust and A-pull to put an end to the ghost.

Final Boss – A Nightmare To Remember

In the first part of the fight, the king Boo will create an enclosure with a tilting ground. Be careful not to slip into the Boo or the spikey rocks that fall from the sky.

The Boo also slams into the ground from time to time, the wave will make you lose your footing for a while and will launch the spikey rocks caught in its path. The trick here is to watch out for the shadow of the spikey rocks, have the Boo follow you and when it is under the shadow, face it to make the Boo hide behind its hands. The rock will drop, making the King Boo vulnerable to your poltergust.

Remember that if you keep facing the King Boo for too long, he will disappear and reappear behind you, the same happens if you use the strobulb on it.

Once you latch onto the King Boo, try not to let go. The ground tilts under your weight so the spikey rocks will be coming in your direction. Let the Boo pull you away from them when needed, you can also jump and let the Boo pull you even more, although your hold will be weakened. Keep in mind that getting hit by the rocks will let the King Boo free. Also try to ease the pressure on your pull if you get the chance.

Keep performing the A-pull whenever possible to deal more damage. Once the countdown reaches zero the King Boo will almost get sucked in, only to get out again and start the second phase of the fight.

You will now be inside a house with a long stretching corridor, get ready for some Indiana Jones action. The King Boo will be rolling behind you so don’t waste time, keep running to the left. The Boo will also send shock blasts to obstacles in the way to make them obstruct your way even more, such as the drawers which open up when struck.

Use the launch pads to pass obstacles and gain a significant lead. The sand bags will slow you down if you step on them so try to avoid them the best you can. Once you have made your run through the house, you will end up in the enclosed tilting area again.

This time around the King Boo will summon 6 sand bags at the end corners of the tilting platform. He will do a dash attack so make sure to get out of the way.

After a while the King Boo will perform his slam attack which will cause the spikey rocks to fall. One of the spikey rocks may turn out to be a frog. A frog is unaffected by the tilt so is less dangerous but if nearby, it’s impossible to predict where the frog will jump.

Use the same method as before to get a rock to land on the King Boo. Use poltergust on the vulnerable Boo and keep latched on, avoiding obstacles and performing the A-pull whenever possible. You might need to repeat the process but don’t worry, the countdown does not reset.

The Boo about to be sucked in gets away once again and it’s time to take another run through the haunted house. You will be first face with a bunch of suits of armor, the last two of which will strike down their pikes when you cross near them.

The lights will go out as you progress through the house. Use your flashlight and the light from the lightening outside to make out the path. Once you reach the icy path, the light return but the slippery ice can prove to be quite troublesome as well so plan your route.

Avoid the opening drawers and use the launch pads to cross terrain. After some more possessed suits of armor and some launch pads, you will end up in the battlefield for the last time.

This time around the King Boo will start off by causing lightening to strike down on the platform. The blocks where the lightening will strike glow pink so make sure to position yourself in the area which is not glowing. After the lightening the platform will have some blocks of ice or sand and some spikes so keep that in mind when running around.

King Boo will perform his lunging attacks, dodge them and wait for the King Boo to perform the slam attack. Once he does, get him to stand under the shadow of a falling rock. Use poltergust on the vulnerable King Boo.

You might have to do this more than once. If you do, the King Boo will keep alternating between the lightening attack which will summon random tiles, the lunges and the slams. Once the countdown goes to zero, the King Boo is finally captured.

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