Luigi’s Mansion 3 Twisted Suites 11F Guide

After getting the elevator button from the 10th Floor, players will take the elevator to 11F of Luigi’s Mansion 3. In this guide, we will help them complete the Twisted Suites level of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and work towards the next floor.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Twisted Suites

After reaching 11F, exit the elevator. You will step into the fancy lobby of Twisted Suites. Head towards the wall on the left side of the room and use your vacuum on the wall. This will reveal a door.

Enter the door to another room. Go to the next rooms until you face the trio of magician ghosts, Nikki, Lindsey and Ginny. They will turn you upside down and then run away. The whole level will now be upside down for you.  Find them to obtain the 12F button from them.

Use your vacuum at the top mid-wall to reveal the bathroom door. Inside the bathroom, you will have to kill a monster to obtain a gold key. Make your way out of the bathroom and to the room door to unlock it.

It will lead you to the stage room. The trio ghost will make an appearance on the stage, mock you and then run away. Make your way to the door on the right side of the stage to another bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, use your vacuum on the left wall to reveal another door. This will lead you to a big room. Head towards the lamp at the center of the room and interact with it. It will bring a golden bunny having the key as it’s tail. Capture the bunny with the help of Gooigi to get the key. Head back to the stage room to unlock the door on the left.

The next room will be a giant room with a wall. Use your vacuum towards the screen to reveal a door that leads to the doorway.

Next door is adjacent to the door you are entering. Make your way to the makeup room. The magician ghost trio will again appear and then run away. Exit the room and you will be in a room with magic equipment.

Defeat the enemies that spawn and make your way back to the corridor through the door at the top left. Defeat the enemies there and make your way back to the stage room. There will now be ghost enemies there.

Defeat them and find the invisible door (bottom right corner of the room). Enter the bathroom which will connect you to another room. Find the door at bottom-mid to make your way to the corridor.

Keep moving until you reach the stage room. Here the trio boss will be present. You will have to defeat the magician Ghost boss in order to obtain the elevator button to the 12th floor! Defeating the trio ghost will complete the mission and you will get the elevator button for 12th floor.

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