Luigi’s Mansion 3 Tomb Suites 10F Guide

Learn how to clear the 10th Floor, Tomb Suites, in Luigi's Mansion 3 and defeat the boss to get your hands on the elevator button

The 10F in Luigi’s Mansion 3 holds the tomb of the evil Pharaoh Queen, hence the name Tomb Suites. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Tomb Suites area of the game as well as help you solve all the different puzzles you come across.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Tomb Suites

After getting to the 10th floor, you will see a Pyramid there. Head to the main door to enter the pyramid. The door will open by interacting with the statue on the left side of the door. Inside the room, there will be a sarcophagus at the center. Approach the case and interact with it.

Opening the sarcophagus will release the evil Ghost of the Pharaoh Queen. She will rejoice and open the gateway beneath you which will make you fall down and down into a sandpit. To get back to the top floor, you will have to solve many different puzzles in different rooms.

In the bottom-most room, head to the left side and use your vacuum to clear the sand near the statue. When it’s clear, interact with it to open a door. To reach the door, blow the sand towards the bottom of the door which will make it reachable. Enter the door to make your way to the doorway.

The doorway will have a poison snake dart trap. Summon Gooigi and switch controls to him. With Gooigi, go ahead to the left of the traps (darts will not hurt Gooigi) and lift the wall present in front of the snake darts. Then switch back to Luigi and make your way to Gooigi and climb the stairs. This will lead you to the center main room.

Upon entering the room, E. Gadd will tell you about the door at the top left and will tell you to find a way to it. Make your way to the door on the right side and open it. It will spawn a mummy that you will have to defeat. Then enter the door which will lead you to the first puzzle.


Snake Chamber Puzzle: Laser Statue Room
In the room, there is a statue in the corner. Blow sand to create a ramp up to it and then trigger it by slamming down. This will create more statues. You will have a limited time to build ramps to each one and slam them using the jump. The roof will collapse if the chains overhead are severed.

Ghosts will spawn, ignore them and focus on clearing the room of statues. Once done, interact with the first statue to complete. Clear all of the statues to proceed back to the room you came from.

After coming back to the main room, head to the door on the left side and enter it. It will lead to another puzzle room.

Scale Chamber Puzzle
After entering the room, go to the front of the room and interact with the button there. It will trigger the puzzle and lock the doors.

To solve the puzzle, you need to place two gold statues and a pot from the room, onto the scale, then flash the switch. Now, take a gold statue off and flash again. Now place four gold statues to clear the room. This will solve the puzzle and unlock the door.

When you try to exit the room, it will spawn enemies that you will have to defeat. After defeating them, proceed to the main room again.

Entering the main room will spawn multiple mummies that you will have to defeat. After defeating them, head to the door at the top center of the room and enter it. Clear the sand at the upper left corner to find an orb that will unlock passage to another room which contains another puzzle.

Jewel Chamber Puzzle
To solve the puzzle, vacuum up the sand to find the shapes. There is one hidden in a pot near the center of the room. Suck up and then fire the shapes into the correct holes to stop the poison. You will have to do it quickly as the poison will damage you gradually.

Finishing the puzzle will unlock a statue gate. Interact with the statue to completely shut down the hole in the main room. This will cause sand to pile up and eventually will reach the height to make the door at the top left accessible. It will open a pathway. Make your way till you reach a dead-end. Clear the spider web on the left side to access the wall with Luigi painting. Step near the white portion which will take you to the main pyramid room where you first fell down from.

The Ghost Queen will be there. She will lead you outside of the pyramid where she will turn to Pharaoh Sand Boss. Defeat the Boss to obtain the 11th floor elevator button. That’s it

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