Luigi’s Mansion 3 Tips and Tricks

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is out for the Nintendo Switch and with great reviews all around, you too probably are tempted to jump right into the game. Before you jump into the colorful world of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and get lost, check out these few tips for the game, that’ll help you get better settled into this spooky world right in time for Halloween.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Tips and Tricks

If you’ve lost your way, or have no idea where to go, you can simply head to the menu and use the E.Gadd hotline for hints, or simply stand long enough and E.Gadd will give the hints to you. On the other hand, if you feel like you’re lost, press up on the D-Pad to open up your map to get familiar again.

Combat with Luigi

Luigi our second favorite plumber (My absolute favorite) is using a vacuum machine to its full effectiveness as he hunts down ghosts. Luigi can only vacuum 2 ghosts at once, while vacuuming, make sure you are in a good position, which can be achieved by stunning the ghosts before-hand.

If you want to leap out of danger, use your burst move to get some distance by holding down ZR and ZL. Firing a ghost in the face with a suction shot is going to tire them out. It does not help much except give you and your friend a quick little laugh.

Gooigi will regenerate health and does not ever really die, so make sure your friend utilizes that ability.

What you need to know on the go

If you know Nintendo, you know there’s just an extreme amount of detail packed into each area you explore. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is no different, and trust me, being patient with each area is going to be extremely rewarding to your first playthrough as well as your sense of satisfaction.

Most of the things presented in various areas can be interacted with, keep a look out for curtains and sheets, and vacuum them (or suction shot) to reveal money or something hidden.

You have a dark light and you can use it anywhere, so make sure you use it EVERYWHERE, take your time, and we’re sure you’re going to find something that’s going to make you want to turn the game off. Although, if you want somewhere specific to point that little light, look around for clues, look for something odd, keep an eye out for anything that’s out of order. This means paintings, missing items and anything that makes you think of ghost mischief.

Utilize your Stobulb light on rats and other ‘things’ to get money. Don’t forget to look up, you’ll often find items in light fixtures and rafters.

During solving puzzles, you might have to interact with things more than once, so do not lose hope or get annoyed, keep doing it until something interesting happens. Certain things might be too heavy for you, use your Gooigi suction to pull it.

Focusing on the main objectives will eventually lead you to explore most of the rooms, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything or leaving things behind.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a trip worth having, and with a few of these things in mind, just go ahead and jump into that captivating theme the game has in store for you, and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

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