Luigi’s Mansion 3 The Spectral Catch 12F Guide

After obtaining the elevator button for the twelfth floor, make your way up and enter the lobby of the 12th floor. This guide will help you clear this 12F, The Spectral Catch, in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 The Spectral Catch

Upon entering the 12F lobby, you will then be called by Professor Elvin to get your vacuum upgraded. After getting that done, come back to the 12th floor to start exploring the floor.

Move to the left side down the hallway and interact with the glowing yellow button on the wall. It will release sparks that will take control of your vacuum and destroy the ship which was present to the right.

After the ship is destroyed, it will reveal a door. Enter it to find a big cave with a skull with glowing eyes in the background. Make your way to the skull. When you reach it, the mouth will open and there will be a path inside. The path will lead you outside to a harbor.

Move left to the bell interact with it to make it ring. A huge ship will emerge from the mist and come closer to you. Board the ship. On the left, you will see an illuminated poster of one of the Toad.

Ghost Captain Fishhook will jump out of the water and scare you. He has the elevator button to the thirteenth floor under his eyepatch. Defeat him to get the elevator button.

Captain Fishhook will sneak into the ship floor and then start attacking you. Defeat him to obtain the elevator button.

The boss fight will have multiple stages. First, you will have to dodge ghost Fishhook’s sneak attacks from walls and floors. Then he will control the floor of the ship and you will have to dodge him and hurt him using the barrels nearby. Then he will control a whole wall and you will have to hold on to keep safe.

Defeating him will give you the button. After the fight, Polterpup will grab your attention. He will be on the top deck of the ship. Climb up to him and then make your way to the framed poster of Toad. Use your vacuum on the poster. It will free Toad who will be perfectly fine!

Professor Elvin will congratulate you on saving the Toad and will ask you to bring the Toad to his laboratory to keep it safe until things are safe.

Make your way to the elevator along with toad and then see him off. Then Professor Elvin will tell you that all of the Toads have now been rescued and only Mario and Princess are left to be saved. That will be the end of 12F of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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